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By Lisa Cherry

Lydia is our precious little seven year old treasure—our ninth born, sandwiched between four brothers, three older and one younger.  They said she would turn out to be a tomboy and I was so concerned she would live up to their prediction.  So I pulled out the stops to prove them wrong.                       Continue reading “Tomboy, Princess or Hottie?” »

Kalyn’s Secret

Lisa Cherry —  June 25, 2010

In only 22 days, Kalyn’ Secret will be released. This is the book I wrote with my daughter Kalyn, and in it we tell the harrowing story of our battle with teen sexual abuse, depression, and rebellion. Here’s a quote from the book. . .

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By Lisa Cherry

We sat huddled in our little circle of chairs engaging in nervous chatter.  All seven of us were willing participants in the meeting, but none of us felt at ease or confident.   We cared about each other, and we cared about our sister warriors who would listen to our discussion on our Frontline Families radio show.

As we struggled to figure out how to creatively share three microphones (two of which crinkled when you moved them), we were painfully aware of our lack of professional broadcasting skills.  In fact, most of us could not claim to be professional at anything, unless we totaled up the nearly 100 years of mothering experience represented in the Continue reading “Too Busy for the Important Things?” »

By Lisa Cherry

When I walked through my house tonight to turn out the lights, I surveyed what could have been a disaster scene following a tornado.  Articles of clothing were flung in odd piles leading up to the doorway.  Wrappers and labels from toiletry items were scattered down the hall.  A granola bar box—empty—had been tossed in a corner. Two dilapidated suitcases lay abandoned by the basement stairwell.  The “tornado” of last minute preparations was over.  Six of my family members had just left Continue reading “Lessons from the Home Front” »