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I was moved by an "up close and personal" post this week on one of my great Frontline Mom friend’s new blog.  She prefers to remain anonymous, but she gave her permission for me to share this with you.

I have watched God strengthen her through some mighty battles for her kids. She is still waiting on some victories. But her courage does not wane and her faith is inspirational.  Dear friend, we stand with you for 100% breakthrough on all fronts!

Here's the post.  Frontlinemoms readers, I know you will be strengthened as you read it.

My Hope For Greener Grass

It is hard to believe that I am not the only one going through difficult problems with young adult children, and it is even harder to believe that our problems are not the grand champions of all problems.  Of course I know the clichés; the grass is always greener on the other side and try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Well I believe a mile in my shoes is the hardest mile anyone will ever walk.

When I look at the results of teenage rebellion and less than diligent parenting in my young adult children’s lives, I feel the sting of conviction.  Things that I once thought were cute or things I thought would go away by themselves are now gruesomely ugly.  Not only did they not go away but they have grown into monstrosities that are wreaking havoc on my family continuously.  Like David did many times in his blog, in the midst of writing about the desperate situation that I see, I must also write about what I hope.  My faith is the substance and the evidence of what I cannot see.

My children are still here, they have their health and strength, they have a mind to do the right thing, they still talk to me, even if sometimes they are yelling from the anguish of wrong choices, disobedience, and foolish parenting.  They still ask for my advice even if they don’t always use it. They are for signs and wonders and they will be delivered.  People everywhere will look at their greatness, recognize and acknowledge that they are the people who the Lord has blessed.   Laborers are being sent to tend to the seeds that have been planted in their lives.  With sunshine, watering, fertilizer and pulling up of some weeds their grass will be beautiful and green in time.

Last week my 18 year old son, in the middle of one of our many urgent family matters, said “What if you could start over and the Lord gave you different kids, kids that were better than us?”  Without thinking I immediately declared, “All of my children will be saved and all things are working together for their good. I wouldn’t trade my children for anyone.  They are going to be OK. They are mine and I love them.”

Now that readers is called a breakthrough!

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Wipeout 569848_wipeoutBy Lisa Cherry

Let them fail.  Now that is an encouraging word, isn't it?!  But I constantly need to be reminded of how God leads me to learn some of my greatest lessons by allowing me.... to fail!

Failure has a way of teaching us what success cannot teach. I had that experience just this morning.

One of my children failed to do some homework.  The moment of accountability was at hand.  Everything in my mother's heart wanted to reach out and save him from the pain.

I could easily think of a few ways to at least soften the blow.  But I sensed my Father's leading to let the failure come.  And it did!  And then came a sweet moment that would determine the full learning in my son's life.

My husband, Doug, got involved.  His words were straight, clear, and corrective.  No more homework procrastination or excuses would be tolerated.

Eventually, the words penetrated to a remorseful young heart.  So Doug then sent a lifeline of encouragement to our boy.

"Son, you have great giftings and passions.  Your mom and I are proud of you.  It is good to have the opportunity to work out your character now.  We believe in you, son.  You are going to make this adjustment and walk on to greater things!"

The tears dried up and a resolute look came to our boy's face.  He had heard his father's heart.

Frontline Moms Tip of the Week:  Let them fail.  And then be their best fan club to get back in the race!

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