Pre trip Theatrics…..Part 1 of 10

Lisa Cherry —  October 21, 2010

Ordering up my household for Mom's weekend departure for Canada's Acquire the Fire event was a big deal yesterday.  I carefully thought of all the possible household needs.  Hair mousse was at the top of several teen lists.  The menus are planned, and the hamburger pre-browned.  I was beginning to gain some confidence that my family would handlemy 22 city tour with ease.  Anyway, I knew God was assuring me over and over again we are in the center of His will.

And then it happened.  A random moment of motherhood emotionality, lack of faith ....and insecurity.  Several of the children were gathered in the kitchen.  Maybe they would get so used to my travels, that no one would even be bonded to Mom any more, my insecure side pondered.

And before I could think I heard my mouth say: "If anyone misses Mom this weekend, I will bring them a special prize."  To which I got my desired response.  "Oh, mom, we'll miss you!  It won't be the same without you, Mom.  We'll be OK, Mom!"  Complete with hugs.  I felt totally self-indulgent.

My moment was fleeting as my 14 year old immediately piped in with her teen response.  "Mom, that is manipulation!" she said.  Ahhhh. I had taught her well!  "And besides.  I kinda like it when you are gone, and I get to be the alpha dog."

Maybe this whole experience is designed to teach us all many lessons.  Especially Mom.  And especially all my alpha dogs!

More on the trip later........