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A Mom, a Baby, and a Destiny

Lisa Cherry —  November 30, 2010


With an incredibly cute bundle of wiggly energy in her arms, she spent a good part of the weekend conference in the hallway just outside our Kalyn’s Secret booth. This mom missed most of the dramas, music and multimedia-enhanced messages of the Cleveland, Ohio Acquire the Fire event. She knew it was her job to Continue reading “A Mom, a Baby, and a Destiny” »

Bsecond hand 112245_the_clocky Lisa Cherry

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s busy demands?  My life as a mother of ten and grandmother of two is incredibly fast-paced.  Yet I cannot afford to neglect my personal relationship with each of my precious kids and my husband.

My family members need to see that I’m willing to turn my attention, notice them and find out what’s going on in each of their lives. It is too easy to miss a child’s heart cry or a husband’s greatest need.  So what is a busy mom to do?

I suggest looking for the awesome power of the 30 second heart connect.

“Son, I want you to know that I am so excited about your game on Friday night.  Is there anything you need from me to be ready?” said face to face and eye to eye, and you’re his instant mom/fan.

“Daughter, your new shirt really brings out the color in your eyes. I think that new eyeliner we got last week really looks great.”  Said face to face and eye to eye.  Girl talk.  Simple.  On her level.

Will 30 second contacts be enough?  Of course not!  But on good days, five 30 seconds put together can sometimes do more to open a heart than anything imaginable.

Ask God for your heart connects.  Watch Him open up the opportunities.  Jump in when they come.  And celebrate when they hit!

Image courtesy of Nick Colomb

Whatever problem I’m facing, it’s easy to Google up some guidance, or social network with someone who will give me advice.  But over the years, I have found that my family and I have paid a dear price when I have listened to Continue reading “A GPS for Warrior Mamas: Wisdom Wednesday” »

Solo Mama etc…part 2

Lisa Cherry —  November 23, 2010

airplane seats

When I wrote part 1 of this story, I did not know that part 2 existed.  I thought my $200 travel voucher to stay four extra hours in Billings was a fair price for airline overbooking.  So when the next flight developed the same overbooking problem and Continue reading “Solo Mama etc…part 2” »


I am sitting at the airport in Billings, Montana spending some extra time at my computer. The view from my window is beautiful. White mountainous ridges, clear blue sky, and a busy ground crew trudging through about 10 inches of the season’s first big snow.

Unfortunately, I am a traveler again with one of those nasty Continue reading “Solo Mama and the Snowy Shriners in Billings (Part 1?)” »