Do Not Dress Like a Smurf: Frontline Moms Tip of the Week #5

Lisa Cherry —  November 8, 2010

What does a middle-aged mother of ten, grandmother of two wear to go on the road to minister to teens and their parents?  I recently visited a local department store with this question in mind.

I need to look professional …and yet relevant. I had already had much advice from my household fashion police, so the stakes for this shopping trip seemed incredibly high.

I knew well the unspoken rule for parents of teens. To avoid embarrassing them in public or to avoid losing touch because you look ancient in their eyes, be sure and dress modern and young. But never, ever, ever dress trendy or teenish. It invades their turf and makes for messy backlashes.

I thought my trip was incredibly successful. Until I tried my new outfit on for Doug. Because we have 29 years of marriage experience on these delicate male/female interactions, his response was slow to emerge. But I finally dragged his opinion out of him. He said I looked like a smurf!

What! I had worked so hard on my new slim cut jeans, boots, and smock top. How could he say such a thing!

I immediately called for a second opinion from the chief fashion consultant of the family: 19 year old Lucas. Everyone says he has the best eye for the modern and professional twist.

And his diagnosis? “Mom, I hate to hurt your feelings. But, honestly, you look a little like an elf. I think something is wrong with all your combinations here. Perhaps you’re just a little too short to pull it off.”

I was doubly shocked. They had not even compared notes! Those clothes were on the sidelines in a hurry.

My best advice: Go with the flow on this issue. Swallow your middle-aged pride. Laugh with your kids and you can find some of the best family times ever……but DON’T look like a smurf!

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  • ET @ Titus2:3-5

    What?! You're not going to show us the smurf outfit? Puh-leeeeese. 😀

    • frontlinemama

      The outfit hit the return lines at the store pretty quickly.......sorry Tyler. I guess we will all just have to imagine the worst. Ha Ha