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This is my anger can*. Anger dumps into it whenever someone irritates me.

When I find the dirty socks dropped in the hall…again.
When nobody put their dishes in the dishwasher…again.
When somebody says a hurtful word to my son…again.

My anger can should have a warning label:  CAUTION—CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE.  EXPLOSION HAZARD!

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It’s elbow-to-elbow mass pandemonium. It’s the night when all sixteen of us—children, grandkids, and married children’s spouses—land around our massive dinner table. We call it family dinner night, and we try to do this once a week. It’s often so loud that I’m surprised the neighbors don’t complain.

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It sounded so promising. “Cheat Your Way Thin During the Holiday Season.” Maybe somebody really had found a way for me to eat the Christmas cookies and drop my unwanted pounds. So I did that sometimes dangerous thing. I clicked.

The nasty little side bar ad had lured me in as I sat in a hotel room lamenting my extra pounds. All my recent travels and odd schedules had had the undesirable side effect of letting the weight that I had dropped over the last couple years sneak back on.

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By Lisa Cherry

I have mothered some of my kids long enough that I am now actually harvesting some thanks. Many of them on the “decade delay” plan.  

Hearing these expressions of gratitude is music to my ears!

Thank you, Mother, for making me practice.
Thank you, Mother, for teaching me to like vegetables.
Thank you, Mom, for telling me “no!” when I rebelled as a teenager.
Thank you for teaching me to do laundry.
Thanks, Mom, for not letting me hang out with __________.
Thanks for never letting me talk back to you.

Parenting takes years of intense, disciplined work.  Are you willing to invest whatever it takes to see God’s kingdom formed in your child?  

Never settle for being your child’s friend when he needs you to be his parent. When a tough stand for God, a tough no to rebellion and sin, or tough training needs to occur…remember, they’ll thank you later.

Image source:  Alexander Boden  In Search of Lost Time  License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic via Flickr Creative Commons