Passion is Contagious: Parenting Tip of the Week #12

Lisa Cherry —  January 3, 2011

Ever been to a crowded stadium where all the sports fans are on their feet cheering for the home team? Ever found yourself stomping, yelling, and clapping like everyone around you, and then suddenly realize you have no idea what is happening in the game? Or worse yet, who the opposing team is?

Sadly, I must admit that this has happened to me. I have sat through so many sporting events in my 26 years of mothering that I have often learned to go on mental autopilot during the course of the game.

How is it then, that I will spontaneously join in to the crowd’s emotions even when my mind is not engaged? That’s easy. Passion is contagious.

As a Christian mother I desperately want my children to arrive at adulthood with the same passion for the Lord that I have. I want them to be sold-out warriors for Him, willing and eager to lay their lives down for the King. Exuberant in worship. Enthusiastic in prayer. Bold in witness.

I believe this issue of passion is paramount.  Over the years, I have often sought the Lord for how we (God and I) can facilitate this happening.

Are my children being nurtured in a home that runs passionate for Him? Are they witnesses of the zeal of the Lord in my own life? Do they have a Christian community around them that energizes its members for service? Bottom line, is anybody genuinely excited about Jesus?

We won’t talk our kids into passion, but we can ask the Holy Spirit to touch their lives and birth His fire inside them. And then put them in a “hot” environment among others burning for Him.

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  • Doug Cherry

    What a powerful word for us in this 'season!' Works with husbands and wives as well.