Houston, the Pregnant Mama, and the POTTS

Lisa Cherry —  January 25, 2011

Surprising. Powerful. Timely. These are the words I’m using to describe our trip to the Houston Acquire the Fire.

As we drove to St. Louis to board our flight very early Friday morning, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from our trip…or my travel partner.

Kalyn and I were excited to begin the second season of our 23 city tour. At Christmas, she and her husband had made the exciting announcement of a precious little baby on board, due in August. This left us wondering how her morning sick tummy would perform at 30,000 feet.

I am happy to report she did SURPRISINGLY well.  There were many bathroom stops and some strange food concoctions, but she and little junior rose right up to the occasion. Okay, so the 11:00 p.m. pizza delivery was a little weird. But if her system needs some fat, I’m in favor of whatever it takes to settle it down!

SURPRISING would also be the word to describe the enthusiastic response we received from many of the audience of 3800 youth, parents, and youth leaders. At our book and ministry table after we finished speaking, there was a steady stream of people with no break in the line for five straight hours! We sold out of all the stock we had on hand of Kalyn’s Secret books as well as our DVD curriculum.

Besides selling resources, we prayed for all kinds of needs and encouraged many teens and parents. The heart connection we experienced with both was precious. We were so privileged to pray for so many who had significant encounters with God. Truly it was a TIMELY event in their lives.

Kalyn shared her testimony with the teens, and I taught the POTTS (Parents of Tweens and Teens). It was POWERFUL time of ministry, not because of anything we did, but because of everything God did! The unity of vision and passion for Jesus was flowing in us and through us. And the anointing destroyed the yokes of bondage.

The Teen Mania leadership team as well as the local church had been doing some extensive prayer and fasting for this spring tour. Who of us can fully understand all that happens when God’s people pray and fast? I can’t. But I can say this, God showed up in a POWERFUL way.

TIMELY would describe the amazing progression I am seeing as the Lord refines our vision to reach the POTTS of America. This is a critical hour in the body of Christ. As I called the parents of tomorrow’s future leaders in the body of Christ to a higher level of intentional parenting, I could sense the leading of the Holy Spirit to urgency of this directive.

“Preserve the remnant” is what I hear in my heart. God is looking  to and fro throughout the earth, searching for those parents whose hearts are completely His. He will come and strongly support them. In every battle. Every time.

I heard more stories of battles—more desperate situations and troubles than I ever wanted to know about.  But Jesus! He is equipping a new breed of warrior parents. Never giving up, and never giving in.

At the end of my message one mom came running up to the stage smiling the biggest smile imaginable. Just the previous week, she and her church girlfriends had gathered over coffee and lamented as they remembered the days years ago when their kids were little. They had met together to support each other through potty training, temper tantrums and preschool days. They all agreed they needed each other even more now since they were raising teenagers. Guess what they decided to call their little gathering: POTS!  She said her jaw dropped to the ground when she heard me calling for a grass roots movement of parents arising from the rubble called POTTS.

She’s in. And so are many others. Truly, God is awakening an army. Will you pray with us as we seek God’s strategy to do something massive in parents’ lives? For His kingdom’s sake, and for the love of Jesus.

P.S. By the way, Kalyn says to tell you that I (Lisa) wanted the pizza too.

 Photo courtesy of glcustoms via stock.xchng

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