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By Lisa Cherry

I’ve got a big family, and I’ve got LOTS of laundry. To give you an idea of the scale, here’s some numbers:

10. That’s how many family members live in our home right now. We have ten children; two are already married. So we’re down from our all time high of 12. That’s still a lot of people to keep in clean clothes.

18. That’s the average number of loads we do every week. That’s 78 loads per month; 936 loads per year. And that’s in a high-capacity machine. And I don’t do any small loads. I never need to, because at our house there is always enough to make a full load.

100+ is the number of times that I have been asked this question: How do you ever get all that laundry done?

So here’s my answer: I don’t. How can one, when people are constantly making clothes dirty?

I can say, though, that I sure have worked hard over the last 26 years at this mothering/laundry thing. I have been through more systems than I even care to admit.

Don’t you just love the sense of hope that surges when you think your new idea will suddenly make a seemingly insurmountable mountain disappear?

I finally figured out that my mountains of laundry will never disappear until my last child launches. My youngest is four, so I’m in this for the long haul. The real place of victory is taking dominion over the mountains instead of letting the mountains dominate me.

So here is the latest Cherry Family Laundry System. We hit on a couple of years ago and it has worked well for us. I believe it’s a keeper. Maybe it will work for you too. Or maybe it will inspire you to create your own new system. Continue reading “All the Dirt on My Big Family’s Laundry: Parenting Tip of the Week” »

Josiah’s Fast—Funny Friday

Lisa Cherry —  February 25, 2011

 By Lisa Cherry

In January of 2010, Doug presented his plan for a one-week, modified “Daniel” fast to our crew. Now that was a popular announcement!

I love how the New Year always brings us a fresh start, but a whole week of fruits and vegetables with a few whole grains minus any meat, dairy, sweets or breads? Even I was skeptical.

It sounded like a potential mutiny to me. Especially when we realized we would only see three meals a day. What? No snacking? Whatever would we do?

That was 2010, and contrary to my doubts, the results for our whole family were amazing. The kids rose to the challenge beautifully. Afterwards, we all agreed we had experienced supernatural growth and deliverance from some of our “soft and peevish” attitudes.

So the question when we rounded toward January 2011 was “What are we doing this year, Dad?”

I could hardly believe it when he said, “Let’s go for a two-week fast this year!” Then the children all said, “Great!”

Two weeks? Are you nuts, Doug? Whatever am I going to feed this family for two whole weeks?

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By Tara Cherry

Sing it with me now:

The wise man built his house upon the rock.
The wise man built his house upon the rock.
The wise man built his house upon the rock.
And the house on the rock stood firm.

Foundation. Such a strong word. It is what our house is built upon, both in the natural and in the spiritual.

Think about your natural house, the one you live in. What happens if there is no foundation? It cannot stand. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure we have one! What happens if the foundation isn’t strong? We have problems that we go to great lengths to fix.

What about your spiritual house? Do you have a strong foundation? What about your children?

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Imagine being invited to dine with an important dignitary at an official state banquet.  The steaming trays of perfectly delectable dishes are paraded through the room on the arms of smartly dressed waiters. Fine steaks. Elaborate soufflés. Delicate pastries. Your mouth is watering just watching the show.

Thoughts begin to flood your mind. I hope I get one of those fuller plates. That table over there has extra rolls and butter. Can I get more than one dessert? Hey, no fair, our table should have been served next!

Can’t you almost feel the pull of your flesh just imagining such a scene?

I can because I have lived with what seems like a lifetime draw to the dinner table. I must not be the only American who struggles with this when we consider our national problem of obesity!

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My Teachable Moment

admin —  February 22, 2011

By Beth Groh

So I’m not the perfect mom when it comes to homework.

Yes, I ask the kids if they have any. Yes, I check to see that a book gets cracked or a pencil moves if needed. And, yes, I remind them that I’m available if they need help (unless it’s math, of course…they’re smart enough to find dad for that assignment).

Do I check their folders every night? Honestly, no… although I know that I should.

I rationalize it because (thank you, Lord) our three children have not really struggled in school. Sure, we’ve had other challenges. But I just checked off my mental Mom-To-Do list that micro-managing homework was not required.

I also stayed quite involved in their education. My husband and I have been intensely active in our church’s private school—supporters from the beginning, with my husband being on the school board since its inception nearly 14 years ago.

We know the staff. We know the mission. We know the blessings. We know the blemishes.

And we know our children each emerged, strengthened in their faith and academic skills along the way.

So I never worried about what was being taught.

But my confidence led me to miss something for years that was right under my nose, tucked away in our children’s backpacks. Continue reading “My Teachable Moment” »