Funny Friday: A Surprise at Home for Lucas

Lisa Cherry —  March 11, 2011

Image courtesy of Michael Lorenzo,

By Lisa Cherry

Oh no. I noticed a missed call, and saw that it was from Lucas, my 20-year-old son.

Why would he be calling now? He knows I am still in Canada and the calls are very expensive. What could have happened?

I steeled my mama nerves and hit the redial button on the phone. His cheerful “hello” from the other end immediately put my heart at rest. Obviously, he was not calling to report any sort of household trauma.

“Hi Mom, How are you? I thought I would just call and tell you the funniest thing that happened. I got in kinda late last night after dropping my friend Danny off to catch a bus for his mission trip.”

[Mom note: Lucas is, like most college-aged young men, somewhat nocturnal. I wondered to myself what his definition of “kinda late” was, but I refrained from asking.]

“I knew I needed to be really careful not to wake the family, so I kept the lights low and tiptoed around the house to get prepped for bed.”

When I got up this morning to get ready for class, I noticed that everyone was still sleeping in. So I crept quietly down to the basement shower.

When I got out of the shower, it was still quiet, and I thought Dad must have called a very quiet family devotional time in one of the kids’ bedrooms. So I went off to search in all the kids’ rooms. One by one, I started calling for them.

“And Mom, [I already knew where he was going] he laughed, “Imagine my surprise when no one answered!”

“They all went out-of-town for a basketball tournament. Did you know that? I spent a night all by myself thinking I was in a houseful of people.”

I laughed with him and assured him that I did know they were gone.

Perhaps a little stronger family communication would be in order, at least for one budding young adult? What do you think?

Well, at least it was Lucas who was home alone and not Ethan, Lydia or Josiah.

  • Lucas Cherry

    Oh momma.....This was actually very funny....I shall never forget this night. :)