Funny Friday: My Four-Year-Old, the Parent??

Lisa Cherry —  May 13, 2011

By Lisa Cherry

If you read this blog often, you know that my four-year-old son Josiah is quite frequently the inspiration for my Funny Friday posts. Maybe it is because he is the “baby” among so many others. Or maybe he is just extra cute:). How’s that for Mama-pride?

I have determined—in advance—that he will not be spoiled. Many have warned me of this danger for the baby of large family. But when he tilts that little head and asks for something, how can his middle-aged mama and daddy help but melt?

Last week, Doug and I were both feeling a little nostalgic for the days when somebody (or several somebodies) would land in our bed during the night. It doesn’t happen nearly as often anymore, though some of our youngest still do some night roaming. They just tend to find a big brother or sister to land with instead of mom or dad. So maybe that was why a late night tuck-in led to a late night snuggle-up with Josiah in mom and dad’s bed.

The way he barreled in to take his perch between us, I sensed it might not be a short visit. He adjusted “his” pillow and tucked himself under my favorite comforter while Doug turned off the light.

The stillness of the night settled over the bedroom. Josiah lay on his back staring at the ceiling, and his little voice penetrated my drifting thoughts.

“I can’t wait until I have my own kids!” he said with a thoughtful, dreamy-eyed longing.

I tried hard to stifle my laugh in my pillow. What would make a four-year-old think such deep thoughts? Was it an egocentric view of just how much mom and dad were enjoying his visit?

What a pleasure it is to have a godly legacy and to be able to pass it on. I guess Josiah has been listening to his daddy’s well-preached messages. Or maybe he has just been living the fruit of his Daddy’s revelation.

Yes, Josiah, you will have a great time with your children. Meanwhile, your Daddy and I are going to stay busy imparting something to you that will be worth passing on. We’re thanking God for the privilege of parenting you and your siblings, and we’re going to keep on enjoying every minute of it.