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By Beth Groh

One by one, they came before the document, picking up a quill and dipping it in the ink well.

As each one signed on that summer day long ago, he knew that his signature marked a turning point of history. Yes, they were signing a declaration of their beliefs.

But they knew--given the hostilities swirling around them—they might easily be signing their death warrants.

No doubt a few prayers were uttered as each approached, perhaps asking for courage or protection. But they signed anyway with bold resolve—taking a stand that would reverberate throughout history.

As we remember the signing of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, that story reminds us of our brave Founding Fathers who penned an eloquent assertion of man’s rights endowed by his Creator.

And that’s certainly a fitting description of that famous day in 1776. But it also describes a mid-summer gathering some 246 years earlier.

Just step back deeper into history…back to June 25, 1530 and you’ll find a gathering princes and what were considered “electors” in the Holy Roman Empire, who had gathered in a region that would now be considered Germany.

Standing before the powerful Emperor Charles V, one in their midst read aloud what they called the Augsburg Confession—a bold and clear statement of the Gospel of Salvation by faith and reaffirmation of the Triune God.

That carefully deliberated document was nothing less than a theological assault on the then prevailing beliefs among Catholic rulers, and the competing faiths that came along with Turkish invaders into Europe.

Those who signed it knew they risked their power, their land, and perhaps their lives. But listen to one signer’s words of resolve:

“Rather than deny my God and suffer the Word of God to be taken from me, I will kneel down and have my head struck off,” said George of Brandenburg.

That Augsburg Confession is considered one of the most important “shots across the bow” of the Catholic Church and the birth certificate, if you will, of the Protestant Reformation.

These brave men, inspired in large part by Martin Luther, called out a perversion of the Gospel in their day … an era when people were wrongly encouraged to work (and, yes, even pay) for their Salvation.

They took a stand. They risked it all.

Generations later, our nation’s Founding Fathers also found themselves at a turning point in history. They, too, took a stand—avowing that God, not the king of England, gave each man inalienable rights.

Now fast forward to us in 2011…  Will we answer a similar call?

Do we not hear a confusing chorus of Christian teachings in our nation? Are many being led stray by being taught that good works—not the one and only true “good work” of our Savior—offer the ticket to heaven?

Aren’t other well-meaning souls being deceived by a humanist worldview that diminishes the Bible to being an important piece of historical literature, but not the true inerrant Word of God?

And on the national stage, do we not witness an almost daily assault on the very Godly principles on which our nation was founded?

Now this generation must answer:  Do we retreat to our homes and churches, either ignoring or condoning the twisting of faith and history?

Or, do we find ways to take our stand, just as brave souls did in the summers of 1776 and 1530?

Let’s all ask ourselves that question as we celebrate our nation’s founding next week…and remember the bold proclamations of God’s truth others have been willing to make in the past.

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By Beth Groh

I’m such a fool. Really. A certified fool.

I’m so simple-minded that some people think I, and others like me, believe the earth is flat. I’m that naïve.

You know, I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Not from family, friends or professional colleagues, mind you.

No, I’ve been hearing that from the truly ”wise”—you know, those commentators on the news channels and writers of news magazines and blogs.

Not that they’re singling me out individually, of course. I’m lumped into a much larger group of gullible, simple-minded folks who ignore what they consider science and cling instead to that fiction-filled historical piece of literature called the Bible.

Just the other night, my husband called me in the office to listen to a blistering commentary on presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

Her “sin?” In a speech to Republicans in mid-June, she dared to publicly support the teaching of Intelligent Design along with evolution.

"What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide,” she said in the speech, as quoted by CNN. “I don't think it's a good idea for government to come down on one side of scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides."

In recounting that position, MSNBC guest commentator, Ron Reagan, Jr., launched into a condescending smack-down of anyone who would foolishly question evolution. The science is “settled.” according to Reagan, and only the simple-minded could believe otherwise.

Now I’m not writing this to endorse Bachmann, or to get involved in any way on the presidential political fray.

But I am calling out a profoundly important worldview battle in our nation, one that is playing out nearly daily on cable news and the internet. It’s also heating up in the presidential election.

It’s a battle over authority. It’s a battle over the perception of God’s place in our nation. And, ultimately, it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of our children.

Here it is… Who’s got the final say on important issues? God? Or Man?

Who defines marriage? God, according to the Bible? Or man, according to the current political climate?

Who defines the origins of man and the universe? God, according to His Word? Or man, according to largely untestable theories that are not without flaws and logical contradictions?  And who decides what views are presented to our children in the classroom?

Does God belong in the public square? In our Pledge of Allegiance? In our schools?

We are at a crossroads in our nation. And that means each one of us will be called to decide, “Who’s in charge?”

As we look to prophecy, we can find which way God advises: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” (Isaiah 29:14)

Hmmm… perhaps clinging to earthly “wisdom” isn’t so wise after all.

“The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. Since they have rejected the Word of the Lord, what kind of wisdom do they have?” (Jer. 8:9)

The Apostle Paul echoes those questions.

“Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (I Cor. 1:20)

So call me a “fool”…and I’ll take it as a compliment. How about you?

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By Lisa Cherry

I grew up with one sibling—a sister. Our rooms, in our brother-less childhood, were filled with dolls and pink ruffles. So when I started having children, I figured they would follow suit. Oh, I realized when the boys arrived that we would need cars instead of dolls, and blue instead of pink, but I drew the mama line at those nasty toy weapons of war.

We would be a no guns and no weapons, peace-loving family! Doug protested, but in the short term I won. Until I noticed Nathan making Lego pieces, sticks, and play-dough into....guns! What?! My ideas were not working!

The feminist movement’s brainwashing that I experienced in my growing up years had set me up. It took me a few more sons and a lot more education to discover something amazing: God seems to have hardwired our sons to be warriors!

Oh not necessarily in the military sense (though, thankfully, many will embrace this calling to preserve our peace). But the warrior inside our men, which first develops in a little boy package, is to be celebrated and nurtured!

The attempted feminization of men has damaged the fabric of our society. I thank James Dobson for helping us recognize these dangers in Bringing Up Boys. ( Here's this week's tip: If you have sons of any age, you need to read this book.)

Female teachers with female role-modeling must not squash our boys if we want strong protective leaders tomorrow. After a week on the road with my sons, I am seriously seeking the Lord’s wisdom to be a better mother to them.

I am more and more convinced it will be the summation of the little things I do that could make the biggest difference for my boys.

Like last week in Estes Park. I so wanted Josiah to get a stuffed moose to sleep with. He’s only four, you know. But he wanted the slingshot like Ethan got. Or maybe the cowboy rifle. So what did I do? Canceled the moose and embraced the slingshot!

Hey, maybe I am learning something about boys. And maybe God is pleased!

By Lisa Cherry

Wow, what an amazing week!  Nine days, and 2500 miles worth of Rocky Mountain high with my 13, 12,10, and 4 year old sons and my "mature" father (who wants his age withheld!) I was the chief cook and backpack stuffer to the boyhood dream trip. Of a lifetime.

We hiked a few miles, built multiple fires, and saw many, many wild animals—just about enough to break Grandad. He had promised a cash reward for every elk, moose, or mountain sheep spotted. He was grateful that he waited to set his rate until a few days of spotting work had passed. When two of the boys passed 500 elk sightings, his rate was conveniently set at a penny a head!

I saw on AOL a few days ago about a new book release titled Fifty Dangerous Things You Should let your Children Do. As the only female on board for this journey, I felt compelled to follow the author’s advice. Let the boys be boys, you know.

So I did not flinch when they wanted to use hand sanitizer to build a fire and grill tortillas and cookies. I didn't even stop them when they walked on the logs over the creek. And I didn’t complain when I was left to hand wash the jeans and tennis shoes that surprisingly landed in the creek. I felt like Supermama!

But when the stable attendant chose the biggest horse in all of Estes Park for me while all of my boys were riding ponies or small mounts, I almost complained. After swallowing my fear of heights and enduring five minutes of this terror, I almost stopped the wagon train and paid extra to have someone take me back to the barn.

Then I saw Josiah's cute little face beaming up at me as he rode on the back of his horsey, and my heart melted. I decided that I would find that place of adventure buried deep inside me, tap into it, and stick with the ride for 55 more minutes. But somebody better have a ladder to get me down at the end, I muttered to myself.

I would not trade this week of memories for anything. Probably the best part? A week with my own daddy. Celebrating the gift of life and reliving our heritage!

By Lisa Cherry

I am deeply grieved by California SB 48, a bill that will come up for vote on Wednesday.  Frontline Moms in California, I encourage you to take action as soon as you read this!! Those of us outside California...we must pray and be sober.

The homosexual indoctrination of our children was SO apparent to me as I traveled our nation last year with Acquire The Fire. Truly so many of our children are confused and so many of our parents are horrified! Click this link and be prepared to be shocked!!  You will need to register on As A Mom to read the link.

You can also read about SB 48 here.