The Notebook, and Forgot the Underwear: Family Trip, Part 2

Lisa Cherry —  June 7, 2011

By Lisa Cherry

We’re on our family trip to the Great Smokies. Yes, all sixteen of us! My job? Hold us together in order. Here’s how I’m doing this.

I spent three hours in the car on the way here with my notebook. An inspired plan I think. Divide the crew into four teams. Plan all menus in detail. Then assign a team for cooking and one for cleaning at each meal.

Day One has come and gone, and we did it in joy. I was so pleased. A great time was had by all, and I was feeling a little proud...until the third person informed me they could not find any underwear for Josiah.

“What? Impossible!” I said. I was certain I had carefully packed them in the zipper compartment of his bag. But when he arrived in the van for our family bike ride around Cades Cove underwear-less, I became a believer. So I’m adding underwear to my checklist in the notebook for next year’s trip!