Parenting tip: Stand Up and Lead

Lisa Cherry —  June 13, 2011

By Lisa Cherry

I am just concluding our annual family vacation/trip. Wow, what a smashing success! We had a great week of adventure and bonding. My notebook planner was a great success, and I got to have some personal down time to read. I was tackling a great book by Mark DeVries called Family Based Youth Ministry, when I ran across this interesting quote from Princeton University ethicist Paul Ramsey:

"Ours is the only era in the entire history of human life on this planet in which the 'elders' of the tribe ask its newer members what the tribal rules and standards of expected behavior would be."

I have no idea whether Mr. Ramsey is a Christian or not, but even a professor of ethics can notice the tragedy of a generation without leaders. If we are giving in to our youth-culture-driven view, we are in danger of handicapping our children’s maturity. How tragic! God has anointed and appointed us to lead today. In the little ways and the big....this very the day to day, I must set the example! I am parent. The tribal leader.

Right now I am in my van sorting through various sibling conflicts, drive-thru purchases, and teenage ramblings. You would think I could vacation from my job, but every moment of every day somebody or something will shape their choices and views. I am so honored and humbled that it is me.