Funny Friday: Testosterone in the Mountains

Lisa Cherry —  June 24, 2011

By Lisa Cherry

Wow, what an amazing week!  Nine days, and 2500 miles worth of Rocky Mountain high with my 13, 12,10, and 4 year old sons and my "mature" father (who wants his age withheld!) I was the chief cook and backpack stuffer to the boyhood dream trip. Of a lifetime.

We hiked a few miles, built multiple fires, and saw many, many wild animals—just about enough to break Grandad. He had promised a cash reward for every elk, moose, or mountain sheep spotted. He was grateful that he waited to set his rate until a few days of spotting work had passed. When two of the boys passed 500 elk sightings, his rate was conveniently set at a penny a head!

I saw on AOL a few days ago about a new book release titled Fifty Dangerous Things You Should let your Children Do. As the only female on board for this journey, I felt compelled to follow the author’s advice. Let the boys be boys, you know.

So I did not flinch when they wanted to use hand sanitizer to build a fire and grill tortillas and cookies. I didn't even stop them when they walked on the logs over the creek. And I didn’t complain when I was left to hand wash the jeans and tennis shoes that surprisingly landed in the creek. I felt like Supermama!

But when the stable attendant chose the biggest horse in all of Estes Park for me while all of my boys were riding ponies or small mounts, I almost complained. After swallowing my fear of heights and enduring five minutes of this terror, I almost stopped the wagon train and paid extra to have someone take me back to the barn.

Then I saw Josiah's cute little face beaming up at me as he rode on the back of his horsey, and my heart melted. I decided that I would find that place of adventure buried deep inside me, tap into it, and stick with the ride for 55 more minutes. But somebody better have a ladder to get me down at the end, I muttered to myself.

I would not trade this week of memories for anything. Probably the best part? A week with my own daddy. Celebrating the gift of life and reliving our heritage!

  • Karen

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Good for you for joining the guys and letting them be....guys. That's the hardest thing for us moms! What a great memory and a great post!

  • Perry

    Great time had by all no doubt! The last picture I guess is Earl driving?? I notice he is pointing right and the road appears to turn left around the mountain side. How did that go??

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