Parenting Tip: Get the Slingshot instead of the Stuffed Moose

Lisa Cherry —  June 27, 2011

Image courtesy of Valerie Like

By Lisa Cherry

I grew up with one sibling—a sister. Our rooms, in our brother-less childhood, were filled with dolls and pink ruffles. So when I started having children, I figured they would follow suit. Oh, I realized when the boys arrived that we would need cars instead of dolls, and blue instead of pink, but I drew the mama line at those nasty toy weapons of war.

We would be a no guns and no weapons, peace-loving family! Doug protested, but in the short term I won. Until I noticed Nathan making Lego pieces, sticks, and play-dough into....guns! What?! My ideas were not working!

The feminist movement’s brainwashing that I experienced in my growing up years had set me up. It took me a few more sons and a lot more education to discover something amazing: God seems to have hardwired our sons to be warriors!

Oh not necessarily in the military sense (though, thankfully, many will embrace this calling to preserve our peace). But the warrior inside our men, which first develops in a little boy package, is to be celebrated and nurtured!

The attempted feminization of men has damaged the fabric of our society. I thank James Dobson for helping us recognize these dangers in Bringing Up Boys. ( Here's this week's tip: If you have sons of any age, you need to read this book.)

Female teachers with female role-modeling must not squash our boys if we want strong protective leaders tomorrow. After a week on the road with my sons, I am seriously seeking the Lord’s wisdom to be a better mother to them.

I am more and more convinced it will be the summation of the little things I do that could make the biggest difference for my boys.

Like last week in Estes Park. I so wanted Josiah to get a stuffed moose to sleep with. He’s only four, you know. But he wanted the slingshot like Ethan got. Or maybe the cowboy rifle. So what did I do? Canceled the moose and embraced the slingshot!

Hey, maybe I am learning something about boys. And maybe God is pleased!

  • Beth

    Oh, raising boys did open foreign territory! But what an honor... (and, hey, those action flicks aren't so bad after all!)

  • kira braun

    i like your "warriors in the making" take on boys. my little guy ethan just started taking self-defense classes with his uncle darek, and it's so cute watching him learn how to throw his punches the right way!