Parenting Tip: Listen to the Sex-culture Expert!

Lisa Cherry —  August 1, 2011

Wow, when I read Teen Survival in a Sex-Crazed Culture from Mark Gregston, I could not wait to get it in your hands!  Amen and amen, Mark!  As a professional counselor and teen expert who is seeing the end result weekly of our Christian teens under attack, Mark has a seasoned voice of wisdom.  Read this.  Pray about this.  Talk to your spouse about this.  And then make the changes, NOW!  Before it is too late.  I am doing the same in my home.

Next week I am going to post a follow-up to Mark's suggestions.  Talking to an elementary student about sex can be a little tricky.  How do we teach them what they need to know without shattering their innocence?  We will tackle that topic next Monday.