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With over 300 pounds of banners, bags, books, DVDs, handouts, stickers, mugs, and clothes, we hit the airport at 6:00 this morning. Amherst, Massachusetts here we come for the first of this year’s 32 Acquire the Fire tour events.

After months of planning, writing and printing, it feels good to have this show on the road. Thanks to all our POTTS team who worked hard all summer.

Our message? Normal Parenting Is Not make the hand off to the next generation. With our new book Stick! in hand(link here), we are ready to meet the east coast POTTS.

We are armed and ready for a wacky parent party and a powerful ministry session.  We carefully packed a large blue crate with a fake cake, balloons, bungee cords, superglue, and goofy glasses.  Hopefully it will make it to our destination without exploding!   Stay tuned to learn what we’re doing will all these things.  Or better yet, come see us at one of the events.

Will you pray for us?  Thanks. We will update you from the other side!

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By Beth Groh

So it’s not a headline that might spark you to call a friend or post the news on Facebook.

But it’s one that caught my eye, as we take our weekly journey into keeping a sharp biblical worldview in our families.

“Light Speed Broken, Challenges Long Held Fundamentals of the Universe.”

Big deal?

Earth-shattering, if you’re a science geek…and you realize that any possibility of a particle traveling faster than the “so-called speed of light” would literally shatter Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.


Well, at minimum, if it is proven, an awful lot of textbooks would have to be rewritten! And perhaps more importantly in the long term, many scientific theories and applications will have to be reconsidered if that foundational premise of a fixed light speed is confirmed to have exceptions.

After all, the speed of light has long been considered one of the few constants in the universe, a measuring rod, so to speak, that is the basis of countless scientific and mathematical calculations.

That’s why these new measurements pose a potentially seismic shift in the scientific paradigm.

But for those of us far removed from scientific laboratories or classrooms, is this news a true game-changer?

Well, not if we’re operating in a biblical worldview. We can see the profound truth in the headline-behind-the-headline: our Lord and Savior is the one true “Constant,” and source of all true knowledge, not any one scientific theory no matter how brilliant the author.

Man’s “knowledge” has finite limits. God’s wisdom, in the design of His universe, is infinite.

Repeatedly, God’s Word warns us not to trust in our own understanding because our brains, no matter how amazingly gifted, cannot equal that of the Creator.

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,” as the prophet Isaiah records in chapter 29, verse 14. And “the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”

As Christians, we’re often told that we’re the fools if we hold to a biblical view of creation…if we claim geological evidence for a catastrophic global flood…if we believe God is the sole Creator of life, with its exquisitely complex and intelligent design, rather than accepting a belief in a random molecules-to-man mutation.

The science is settled, we’re told. A universe only thousands, not billions, of years old? Absurd. A world teeming with life created in a mere six days? Preposterous. An original and complete man and woman divinely formed? A fairy tale.

But the theory of special relativity? Done deal, unless of course, the speed of light truly is not an absolute. Gravity is universal? Sure, in the minds of great thinkers hundreds of years ago, until later shown not to be so constant in outer space or on another planet. A universe with the earth as its center? Positively…well, maybe an accepted “truth” a few centuries ago until that idea was later debunked.

The bottom line is that man cannot ever fully get everything right—even though we truly are blessed with the God-given curiosity and intellectual gifts to have an ever-expanding knowledge about His creation.

But we can take heart in this: God’s Word points us to the starting point of true understanding. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” (Proverbs 1:7) That’s a truth that resonates faster than the speed of light.

Embracing Logic: Kid Worldview

admin —  September 20, 2011

By Beth Groh

Talk about an unlikely source for Christian parenting advice: Star Trek.


Now I’m not even close to being a big Star Trek fan—never had the action figures, never bought the videos or DVDs, certainly never even dreamed of going to a Trekkie convention.

But I got to thinking that Spock—the fictitious half-human, half-Vulcan officer of the Starship Enterprise—could teach us a thing or two as we consider how to equip our children with a biblical worldview.

He lived for logic…simply couldn’t understand why humans would sometimes set logic aside in making an emotional decision that did not have proper order or reasoning.

If A = true, and B= true, then A + B = true.

As the Creator of the Universe, God is the author of the Laws of Logic, just like the Laws of Mathematics, Laws of Nature, even the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Sometimes in our Christian walk we can get caught up in the feelings stirred by our faith—and what a powerful gift it is to have consuming emotional experiences to share with others as we witness to His grace and mercy.

But witnessing only through emotions may sometimes leave a door closed—a door God may want us to help open in the hearts and minds of others.

Some people—perhaps some of our own children—may tend to be the analyzers, those who process new information or ideas first through the brain, not the heart.

Perhaps without you even knowing it, they may be setting a high bar for you when you share new information. Like Spock, they may first test it with Logic. If the information or knowledge you’re trying to share is not logical, then it’s quickly dismissed—even when it may be not only true, but vital information that’s missed.

Your logic fails? Your credibility is lost.

“In the Christian worldview, to be logical is to think in a way that is consistent with God’s thinking. God is logical,” so writes Dr. Jason Lisle, in his effective primer on logic, Discerning Truth: Exposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments.

A creationist speaker for Answers in Genesis, Dr. Lisle exposes many of the logical errors that evolutionists—and even young-earth Christians—make in arguing over the origins of man, and other hot-button social issues in our day.

Like Spock, Dr. Lisle calls out errors in logic and offers practical instruction to others willing to “learn the rules” in disciplined reasoning.

See if you can pass Dr. Lisle’s test in spotting the fallacies in these statements:

“It’s a scientific fact that bacteria have evolved resistance to various antibiotics, so creationists are wrong to say that evolution has not been observed.” (Equivocation: The argument shifts the meaning of the word “evolution.”)

“Do you believe in God or science?” (Bifurcation: The question denies the possible belief in both.)

“God changed my life. So of course He exists.” (Begging the Question: The statement presupposes the conclusion.)

Now my point is not to give you a test on “equivocation” or “bifurcation.”

It’s simply this: We’re not only encouraged in the Bible to be prepared to share our faith, we’re commanded to do so.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have.” (1 Pet. 3:15)

Certainly God placed a priority on logical reasoning.  Is it any wonder that He divinely chose the articulate and well-reasoned Saul (converted to the Apostle Paul) to evangelize the logic-loving elite in Rome? He reached countless Gentile hearts through their analytical minds.

So embrace logic, like Spock. Perhaps study it or share the rules with your children. And then prayerfully consider how—and when—God will use your skills in logical thinking to reach others.

ACTION STEP: I’ve contacted my state lawmaker to introduce legislation requiring a semester course in logic and critical thinking as a core curriculum requirement in high school. Is that something you might support or encourage in your state or school district? If you homeschool or your children attend a Christian school, is that a requirement now?

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By Lisa Cherry

One of my teens had an outlandish conversation with some fellow teenagers last week. My child did not know these other kids well, and was pretty shocked at the life vision revealed in their discussion. It went something like this:

"I think I want to have four kids someday,” said one teen. “But I am not going to get married. Marriages never last anyway!"

My child then set out her parents’ 30-year marriage as an example of a one that has lasted...joyfully!

The next teen then piped in with her comment: "Four kids. That's pretty good. But what would really be cool is if they all had different fathers!  Kinda like a grouping of kids."

My jaw dropped open. Having babies out-of-wedlock, even in serial fashion, is something these teens aspire to. How did this become “normal” to them?

What are we portraying to our kids?! Chuck Colson touched on this in his recent article The Cohabitation Revolution: Kids Pay the Price. I hope you’ll click over to it and read about how just living together instead of marrying can actually harm your kids.

Frontline Moms, I am so excited. We have been writing and planning and waiting for the big day...Our new organization for Parents of Teens and Tweens, POTTS, will officially launch NEXT WEEK! As one of our faithful readers, I hope you can be a part of this exciting event.

Join us online Tuesday, September 20. 7:00 p.m. CST, or in person at Christ Community Church in Murphysboro, Illinois for our first POTTS webcast.

Please get this on your calendar today! Here’s a one-minute trailer, and the link for viewing the webcast.  And here’s flier you can use to invite others too.

Christian parents all over the nation are in anguish as they face an ungodly culture that threatens the very lives of their children.  They wonder how they will help their children make it through their teen years and come out as spiritually whole adults.  POTTS is our response to their cries.  We are asking God to send a fresh wave of spiritual power and vision to the parents of tomorrow's leaders.

If you live in or near southern Illinois, join us at Christ Community Church in Murphysboro, IL to be in the audience. We ask that you arrive by 6:45 p.m. CST, so that we can be ready for the webcast to begin at 7:00 p.m.

Doug's new book called STICK! will be released that night also. I hope you will get a copy of this valuable resource which will help you make the spiritual handoff to your children.

You will learn all the details about POTTS when we meet together next week!

Please let me know about your plans to join us. Would you email me at I would love to hear from you.

If you have questions, call (800) 213-9899. And maybe you could forward this post to a few friends! Together we can move mountains in His name! Love ya, Lisa