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By Lisa Cherry

I figure you are surely a lot like me.  I don’t have time to read all the neat blogs I have found.  I wish I did, but life’s moving too fast.

I know I need to grow my parenting skills and I need to connect with other like-minded moms, but I must be time-effective.

As I have revamped the Frontline Moms blog this month, here are our new adjustments:

1.  Our post length will be shorter.

2.  We will series bigger topics over several days and give you links if you miss some of the series.

3.  We will feature testimonies of Frontline Moms (300 words or less) that will encourage you.  Send yours to

4.  We will expand on some of our Daily Bites so that you can go deeper when you need to.  If you or your friends are not getting our bites yet, click here.

5.  We will strive to support our Frontline Dads by occasionally reposting pertinent posts.

6.  We will feature longer educational articles by my sister Beth Groh. She’s a gifted journalism trained writer and has agreed to help us.

7.  We will send you a laugh on Fridays when someone generates some humor.  (Your submissions are welcome.)

8.  I’ll send you an occasional short video clip if we can keep the technology straight.

Sound good, ladies?

By Lisa Cherry

Josiah had his fifth birthday in December. It delights all his siblings and fans when he shows off any of his new skills. Last week big sis Hannah heard him correctly reciting nursery rhymes to himself. When she asked him how he had learned them, he threw his hands on his hips and looked at her with a mixture of surprise and disgust, and said very matter-of-factly, “” Well, duh, Hannah! You should have known.

After a good laugh, I was sobered to reassess my internet safety precautions. Thank God for Covenant Eyes.  You can get 30 days of this excellent accountability and filtering service free through the affiliate link on the Frontline Moms homepage.   Is it time to check on your family’s filter too?

A Peek into POTTS

Lisa Cherry —  January 14, 2012

Hi Frontline Moms,

I just wanted to let you see what my good friend Deanna said on the POTTS Facebook page.   She's a member of our local group and she posted about our meeting last Wednesday night.

Have you started your own POTTS group yet, or joined an existing one?

Thanks, Deanna!


I am always so full of inspiration when I leave a POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens) Group meeting. If you don't have a POTTS group in your community, start one and if you have one please attend.

Being inspired causes you to be open to and seeking more. I think this is part of the flow we were talking about last night at our POTTS group meeting. The Grace of God is His creativity that is available to us to stand, to act, to do more than survive, to have the courage to (I can't think of the word) (do something, not just do something in response to what is done to us),

In the meetings I get so intense because I am excited when the Holy Spirit finishes a conversation he has been trying to have with me throughout my parenting or brings back to my remembrance what He has spoken to me that I may not have heard as clearly as I should have.

When you get in this flow this is the time to revisit your prayer journal, open up your bible and revisit those highlighted scriptures. There is more. Creativity does not have a starting and ending point, it is infinite. He said *he will do a new thing out of his mouth over 2000 years ago and because He said it His word is constantly performing it over and over. It is so right now that if you catch even a little of it you will realize the urgency of the moment.

That raft that you will need to ride on is passing you right now. Will you jump on? Will you run to meet it? Will you walk out into the water and grab it? Will you wait at the shore and step in as it comes to you?

In these times that we are in if we know that we have been entrusted to train up the remnant that will lead the saints in these last and evil days I do believe we will run towards it. With some Godly fear, yes but we will run knowing that his Grace/Creativity is sufficient, what He is creating in you and through you is sufficient. Listen, can you not hear the water rushing? It is time. It is now.

This river of Grace/Creativity seems to flow through every POTTS group meeting that I have attended. Sometimes it is a calm flow that you have to seek out and sometimes like last night it is a mighty rushing current! But at every meeting it does *SPRING FORTH. *Will you see it? What will stop you from seeing it? *If you see your family in the wilderness, It Is There. If your family is in a desert, It Is There. You who are chosen to raise up the remnant, *there is drink for you. It is available Now.

I can see myself every week being washed and made new. Washed from fear, guilt, anxiety and pride. That flow cleanses you and makes you new. What do you need to be cleansed of? Without these things on me I am free to Love my children through every season.

FYI we discussed parenting from the perspective of *Isaiah 43:18-19 and it was FIRE!!!!

Join us at the POTTS Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you too.