We Heard You: New Shorter Posts

Lisa Cherry —  January 31, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

I figure you are surely a lot like me.  I don’t have time to read all the neat blogs I have found.  I wish I did, but life’s moving too fast.

I know I need to grow my parenting skills and I need to connect with other like-minded moms, but I must be time-effective.

As I have revamped the Frontline Moms blog this month, here are our new adjustments:

1.  Our post length will be shorter.

2.  We will series bigger topics over several days and give you links if you miss some of the series.

3.  We will feature testimonies of Frontline Moms (300 words or less) that will encourage you.  Send yours to lisa@frontlinefamilies.org

4.  We will expand on some of our Daily Bites so that you can go deeper when you need to.  If you or your friends are not getting our bites yet, click here.

5.  We will strive to support our Frontline Dads by occasionally reposting pertinent posts.

6.  We will feature longer educational articles by my sister Beth Groh. She’s a gifted journalism trained writer and has agreed to help us.

7.  We will send you a laugh on Fridays when someone generates some humor.  (Your submissions are welcome.)

8.  I’ll send you an occasional short video clip if we can keep the technology straight.

Sound good, ladies?