“I Just Live With My Boyfriend Because it is Cheaper,” Cohabitation Part 2

Lisa Cherry —  February 7, 2012

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By Lisa Cherry

Once I got over my shock about how many couples are choosing to live together outside of marriage, I began to ask “Why?”

As I read some interesting websites and articles on the subject, several subjective explanations dominated the reasoning:

  1. “Marriages today have such a high rate of divorce that I think living together first to try things out is ‘safer.’”
  2. “I was deeply hurt when my folks divorced, so I don’t really want anything to do with marriage. I want a ‘partner’…not a spouse.”
  3. “New flings are fun, but I need a stable sexual partner. I’m not one of those one-night stand sort of people.”
  4. “I need some help with my kids, so this will work out great.”
  5. “Everyone else is doing it.”
  6. Since we spend so much time at each others' apartments any way, living together just makes economic sense.”

These ideas have seeped into our culture.  Have you noticed how pervasive these falsely pragmatic reasonings are in the media …..and even in the church??  Have your kids and grandkids absorbed this “logic?”

What ever happened to for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish until death do us part?

Will you join me today in saying a collective “NO!” to this? Our prayers have power in the heavens and the earth.

Do your children know what you think about cohabitation?  Bring up this list of explanations with them, and pick apart the faulty logic. Then discuss the reasons why cohabitation is a practice they must never engage in.

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