Warning: Dangerous Pic Gone Viral

Lisa Cherry —  March 1, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

Perversion gone viral. That’s what happened when someone snapped a photo of a gay marine in uniform passionately kissing his “boyfriend.”  The photo was posted on Facebook and has been “liked” by over 40,000 members.

This is just the sort of tragically grotesque idea that ensnares our precious children.  We are living in a world gone mad.  The images coming toward them are so confusing because they are empowered with supernatural forces of darkness.

Do I need to even say more?  Yes, we are to love all men. But, no, we do not recognize all behaviors as "holy" or "righteous."

Please help your children as they attempt to make sense of this perversion.

Do not click on this link unless you need to. But, parents, you will need to if your children already have!


Watch for a series beginning in the weeks ahead on relative truth.  We will be posting some important keys for decoding “truth" with your children.