What if Dad and Mom Messed Up Sexually? Cohabitation Part 6

Lisa Cherry —  March 6, 2012

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By Lisa Cherry

I was speaking to a group of parents recently, exhorting them to talk about tough discipleship issues with their teens.

They were all ears as we discussed the challenges of bringing our children to Christian maturity in the midst of a godless culture that portrays cohabitation as a normal part of life.

As we were finishing our meeting about leading our kids to purity in their dating/courtship relationships, one parent in the back asked an extremely vital question:

How can I teach my children about purity and Godly romance when they know about my own sinful past?”

That is a dandy question. We all know the old saying that actions speak louder than words.

So are we all doomed to have our children repeat our own disparaging past?

I do not believe we should give in to that dismal temptation! Our God is bigger than that!

While it is true that our children will obviously question such things as out-of-wedlock conceptions, previous failed marriages, adulteries or fornications, we do not hold over our children the final say of their instruction…..unless we choose to.

The one force that is stronger than our own history is the Word of God! It is living and active and able to divide out all soulish activity that does not line up with sound Godly wisdom and behavior.

So the question becomes, how much authority does the Word of God carry in your home and your family?

Is your Bible simply a dust-gathering, coffee table ornament? Is it only pulled out on Sunday when the preacher is giving the sermon?

Or is it something you seek after daily as the instruction manual for life and behavior?

Your kids will imitate your strongest teachings. So what do you want them to remember most? Your tormenting past?  Or your deliverance through the blood of Jesus and your reliance on Him and His Word?

Living a life of authentic faith lends credibility to our testimony....even if our testimony includes sin we hope our children can avoid.

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  • http://yestheyareallours.com Elizabeth

    Wow! Looks like you have a powerful series going on here! I look forward to going back and reading previous posts!!!!

    Thanks for linking up with me for Marriage Monday!

    I am excited because the first of my brood to get married (a son) is following a biblical model and he and his bride are coming to the marriage altar pure and holy and ready to be joined iin the covenant of marriage! The big day is May 12th! :)

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      It's great to hear from you, and thanks so much for hosting Marrriage Monday. May your son and his bride be blessed as they enter into their covenant. What a glorious day it will be.

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      SO exciting to hear of your son. We have 2 that our married now after successful courtships. God is so awesome in His plans for successful launches for our children....the world's system does not compare!

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