Why Did I Do That? –Cleaning Up After Messy Parenting Moments, Part 1

Lisa Cherry —  March 27, 2012

Image courtesy of Alex Ling

By Lisa Cherry 

It was not a good day for my mothering. In fact its memory still makes me cringe with remorse. A special handmade gift with a homemade card was waiting on my pillow when I retired to my bedroom. My heart was truly touched with the thoughtfulness of effort and tenderness of sentiment. I was so proud.

So why did I even take note of the glaring misspelling on the outer cover? Oh, I guess that is my job. To take note of the imperfections and shore up those weaknesses by skillfully addressing and eradicating them. But, why, oh why, did I not simply file away my correction for a teaching moment at another time?

I engaged my mouth before I engaged my brain. That is my best explanation of that horridly painful moment played out in front of not only the author and creator of the handmade treasure, but also his entire sibling gang.

I don’t even want to tell you the words I spoke. I will simply leave them and the resulting tears to your vivid imagination.

Parenting errors. I hate them. They leave me so guilty and concerned for my child’s future. I dread the thought of one of my children coming back years from now as an adult to remind me of how much I had wounded his or her heart as a child.

I pray earnestly for the wisdom and self-control not to inflict more pain. But still it seems I am waiting for the perfection I desire. So in the meantime perhaps I also need to have a backup plan for when I fail.

Delivering a well-constructed apology is my best strategy. Would you need to improve in this area also?

Recently we filmed a new video for POTTS, in which we discussed some new skills that are helping me in my home.  I will be sharing about them over the next few posts. And perhaps together we can avoid some messy scenes with adult children in the future!

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