Welcome Baby Benjamin…Friday Family Fun

Lisa Cherry —  April 27, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

For many years adding babies to our family were considered regularly scheduled “holidays.” With 10 children’s births, our older kids had a chance to establish “having new baby routines” much like one would establish “going back to school routines.”

We might have been the only family on the block who had recycled decorating supplies in the storage closet that said It’s a Boy! or It’s a Girl!  In fact, I remember when one of the children asked if we could have a new baby so that Gram could stay with us and take them to Steak and Shake to celebrate! (Now there’s a good reason to add another family member.)

Honestly, the kids and I miss those days. Josiah’s babyhood is gone and my maternity clothes are too. But no one can get too sad because we have more baby toys around our house than ever. With four grandbabies arriving in three years we are not losing practice yet.

When precious little Benjamin Judah, the son of Nathan and Tara, made his appearance a couple of weeks ago, our family made quite an entry to the maternity ward. I was a little nervous that the nurses might draw the line on our family welcoming event.

But once again, we celebrated with tears of joy that miracle from God. In mass.  All together with everyone begging for their turn for a holding. Ahhh, God is so good to us!

(But, I could not find any of those stored It’s a Boy! signs. Good thing Wal-Mart could help me restock.)

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  • http://changingtheworld4him.wordpress.com traci

    I LOVE BABIES and I agree! It's so much fun having babies around! :)

  • http://bluecottonmemory.wordpress.com bluecottonmemory

    There are wonderful things you learn when you have a large family - like stages - the comfort in knowing so much that challenges is a stage. However - you take the cake. We never stored the decorations. We only needed "It's a boy stuff" though, LOL. We had our first grandbaby girl in January. We have uncles in all sizes!

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      Lots of uncles are cool!! ....and messy! Congrats on being a new grandma!

  • http://workingkansashomemaker.blogspot.com Nicole

    Very cool, what an adorable baby boy. And what a blessing indeed! I love that you "recycled" signs for your children!! hehe

    Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      Good to connect to a Kansas Homemaker!

  • http://www.beholdingglory.com Laura Krokos

    How fun!

  • http://creationscience4kids.wordpress.com creationscience4kids

    We've never put out decorations either, but with the first 2+ year brake between babies we're all getting antsy for a new little one to love on! It's going to be hard on me when I know I've had my last. But then I'll have more ammo to get my dh to let our firstborn and only daughter get married!!

    It is cetainly more fun at the hospital with a crowd of little people who have to hold the new baby at least 3 times before they're happy!!

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      Oh, was it ever a shock when I finally had to reckon with the fact that we were "done!" I would not trade those years for any other season of life. What an amazing blessing from the Lord! Thank God for Grandbabies. BLessings to you and your family.

    • http://frontlinemama.wordpress.com frontlinemama

      It is hard to say good by to new babies...when you have a revelation of God's blessing of children. I appreciate your heart, Cheri!