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By Lisa Cherry

California is close to making history once again, in a way that must be noted by Christian parents who are interested in protecting their kids. This week the Senate passed a controversial law that challenges the discussion we began a couple of weeks ago.

A  Christian mom recently sought out my advice concerning a tough question from her young teen, "Mom, would you love me if I was bisexual?" Many of us concerned parents are learning by this family's struggle.

California's new proposed law bans psychological treatment for the challenge of homosexuality. I encourage you to take a moment to click on this link to the story.

Gay activists are heralding this as a "victory."  I do not share their enthusiasm! In fact, I am horrified.  It looks to me like this is one more dangerous step encroaching on our parental rights. Me not able to seek treatment for my struggling child? That is outrageous!

This article reporting on the California law could make a great teaching example in your home. In this confusing hour when the Predator forces are capturing our kids' hearts and minds, we must go on the offensive before we are thrown on the defensive. Note the following assumptions laced in the arguments:

1. Homosexuality is inborn/genetic  (See this study.)

2. Homosexuality cannot be changed....and should not be!

3. God created some people as homosexuals therefore we must be careful not to "judge" others. (See Rev. 22:15)

4. Homosexuality is an identity. (See my post on this.)

5. Seeking deliverance from the homosexuality lifestyle is dangerous and "mean."

6. The government needs to legislate these issues.

I began to ask myself some penetrating questions.

Are my teens prepared to handle these persuasive indoctrination techniques? Am I talking to them openly, countering the ideas they may be absorbing from the media and culture? Do I have a settling in my own mind and heart as to these critical issues?

Our children cannot be expected to decode this issue on their own. As homosexuality continues to dominate the political and religious debate waves, we, as parents, must lead our children in what to believe.

Parents, what can we do to protect our kids’ minds? I would love to see your ideas posted here!

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Watch the trailer of Lisa's new book, Unmask the Predators.

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DNA_orbit_animated_static_thumbBy Lisa Cherry

OK, are you ready to go deeper?

Many of us have been pondering the young teen's question that no Christian mom would want to field...Mom, Would You Love Me If...

....makes us want to rush to our child's aid to say "yes" before we ever hear the "IF."

But this time the question dropped like a bomb in my precious sister's gut. Bisexual?

When I heard that question, it reminded me of a very personal moment in our family's history. Two years ago next month, we heard a doctor's words to my son and daughter-in-law that shook us to the core. Nathan and Tara, I believe your precious little second born has Down Syndrome.

This Grammy's heart was stunned as the air grew thick and stifling. Tears of grief dripped shamelessly down our cheeks as our breath was shallowed by shock. Our minds, fresh from the drama of birth and scarred from the trauma of their firstborn's genetic issue, were too raw to even reason much less talk.

But at that poignant moment, we faced the epic question: Would you love me if...?

I don't think any of us wanted to even voice this obvious question. But subconsciously and spontaneously a chorus of our love gushed forth from our inner souls.

Oh, little Ryan, you are so beautiful and perfect. Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. Grampy loves you. Grammy loves you. We did not love that little guy less, we loved him more.

Love a child struggling with issues of sexual identity issues who is caught up in the flood of dissipation? You bet.

But how does my grandchild’s genetic issue compare with another child’s “coming out of the closet?”  Contrary to widespread indoctrination, homosexuality has not been proven to have a genetic origin.  Check out this study about it. 

They are not the same, but can you see how the issue of genetics floods the emotions of the situation much like in our scene at the hospital?

Even IF someone were to prove a genetic predisposition, that still does not change our response.  Just because something is "genetic," it does not make it healthy or normal!

Homosexuality is not normal. It is not safe. It is not God's design for His children. Those trapped in its lifestyle need God's deliverance and healing. They will need our love and our help.

How dangerous it becomes when we rename something abnormal as the new "normal." It opens the door for confusion and grief. Parents, we will need to avoid this temptation.

What would happen if in our "love" for Ryan, we just decided to take a denial approach and rename Trisomy 13 as the new norm? No one would take him to speech and physical therapy. No one would do extra checks on his heart. We would just leave him as he is. Clearly, that is not the love response.

Somehow the issue of taking God's word on homosexuality has been renamed as "hate." How sad and how preposterous. God is ready to heal and forgive. He is just looking for His people to come out of the confusion and ask!

"Mom, would you love me if I was bisexual?" 

 Of course, my child. And I would get you some help for your problem!  God has a holy and beautiful plan for your future. He created you in His image, as a sexual creature, illustrating His beauty. We will not give up until we help you experience His good plan.

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Would You Take 25?

Lisa Cherry —  May 23, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

This week at Frontline Moms, I’m encouraging everyone to participate in Take 25, a preventive child safety campaign created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in honor of National Missing Children’s Day.

All you need to do is take 25 minutes to talk with your children about safety.  You could talk about safety at home, on the internet, at school, or out in the community.  Use this time to teach your children to be safer.

If you need help getting started, see the discussion guide.  Maybe you’ll take five minutes per day and spread the time out over the week.

These 25 minutes could have a huge impact in your child’s life.  Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went, and what you talked about with your child.

Eye blue 863430_eye_power_1By Lisa Cherry

My last post  hit a nerve worldwide. I am not surprised. While researching our new book Unmask the Predators, I discovered a most horrifying statistic. According to a recently released study, 11% of American teenage girls report homosexual girlfriend relationships.  I was shocked!

Perhaps we should take a deeper look at how Christian moms should respond to this type of question:  Mom, would you love me if I am bisexual? 

Why does a child frame a question with a back door question of our love? Sometimes they are shifting the weight of the problem over to a plane that will hit our mama button and make us feel sorry for them.

But sometimes they are struggling to comprehend a mature view of love—a 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 kind of love. The kind of love our Father has for us that is not dependent on performance or appearance. Our ability to communicate that kind of love to our kids is vital.

However, our fallen world has been infiltrated by sexual predator forces that are influencing our thinking.  The question Would you love me if...  has polluted and even hijacked the real questions at hand.

The question Mom, would you still love me if you found out I was the one that broke the window? should result in a quick reassurance of parental love, followed by a return to the issue at hand...the broken glass.

When our kids or anyone else throws out a question of "love," we must be wise as parents to unpack it. Taken at face value it is either childish or manipulative with power to hit on a politically correct button that we as mature adults need to recognize. But folks, we cannot give into this immature reasoning any more than we can give into the glass-breaking child who needs to know we love him enough to make him pay for his damages!

Love does not equal acceptance of all behavior and agreement with all choices. Love does not equal never having to say "NO!" This mother needed to express a deep love for this child not only by  her emotional words of assurance but also by her protective leadership, for the predator forces were poised to beguile her young.

If my child (and a 13 year old is a child!) was hanging out with people thinking about and talking about robbing a bank because they believed they were "thieves," I would remove my child from their presence. Even if no one had robbed a bank yet!

I would know that the talk, imaginations and strategizing could pose a threat to my child's maturity. What a ridiculous comparison, you say? Well, is it? The statistics of homosexual experimentation are rising as the public school and societal indoctrination of "self-discovered sexual orientation" have become the sanctioned norm.

How did we arrive at our modern beliefs about homosexuality as it relates to our children??? Perhaps it is because of the implication that this poor girl who was thinking she might be "bisexual" was actually born that way. If that were true, then any good Mama would love and accept her for who she really is. Right? Tomorrow we are going to hit that question straight on. But today as we focus on this word "love," let's not allow the predator forces to back us into a corner with the word God redefined.

For years, my daughter accused me of not "loving her" when I would not let her run into sexual ruin. The sexual abuse in Kalyn's life was not "love"—though she thought it was at the time! And if I had accepted all the ways she wanted to express her "new identity," she would not be where she is today—happily married to a Godly man and raising their own little girl to serve Jesus.

I had to say "No!" to the perversions coming against her while radically loving her with the love of the Father. Now she thanks us for our "NOs."

This is hard work protecting our kids in a world gone mad. I beg you: Do not naively suppose like I did that your family is immune from these sexual issues. The predator forces are working overtime and our families are in danger.

PLEASE, will you consider getting a copy of our new book Unmask the Predators? I want your family to be prepared before the battle. Request it to be added to your local community library. We must get the word out!  (By the way...our family makes no personal profit off any of our resources for sale. Funds are used by Frontline Family Ministries to help others avoid the path of disaster!)

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Danae 2936422550_b3b3226821

“Mom, would you love me if I'm bisexual?”

That was the painful question posed by a 13-year-old girl to her mother. The mother, whom  I met recently, was horrified. She and her daughter are both Christians.

How could that sweet little girl—while wearing her purity ring and saving herself for her husband—ask such a question?

I will tell you how. She has been deceived by the sexual predator forces of our day that mask themselves as our friends.

She has learned the thought process well. Some are born that way. You will need to discover your own "sexual orientation."

So when this young teen found that her friends were forming "relationships," she figured she might just need to join them.

What happened to the concept of consulting God's word on this issue? It has been buried under some strange, faulty logic. Homosexuality is not an identity; it is a sin.

What was this precious Mama to do? I encouraged her to help her child reason this problem out biblically.

She will need to show her God's words and then trace through the falsehoods. No one goes to their mom and says, “I just discovered I am a thief,” or “I just discovered I am an adulterer.”

Certainly a parent would not yield to such a declaration. How are we to respond to a declaration of homosexuality?  …as if it is different?

We are created by God with a sexual identity and a sexual drive. Perverse temptations are a part of the fall, and Jesus died to purchase our freedom from the fall!

We are living in a sex-saturated world that fans those perversions into blazing fires that threaten to consume our kids....all while we label it as "alternative."

Parents and grandparents, are we ready for honest conversations about this one???

Do you love your kids enough to tell them the truth about homosexuality?

Unmasking this issue for our kids is vital to their protection.

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I urge you to get a copy of my book, Unmask the Predators.

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