Our Day in Court and Mama #6’s Reaction to Sandusky Verdict

Lisa Cherry —  June 24, 2012
  “Nobody wins. We've all lost.”   
That’s what the mother of Victim 6 in the Sandusky child sexual abuse trial said after hearing the verdict, and I could not agree with her more!

I wrote about our experience going to trial in my post Sandusky Verdict Announcement Reminds Me of Our Day in Court.   I hope you will read it.

The tragedy of sexual abuse steals the innocence and security of young lives.  
The victims and their families have been through the exposure and upheaval of the trial, and the anticipated closure just isn’t there. 
They are still left with a wasteland ahead of them.  Will they ever be able to recover and find a place of peace and safety?
God help her as she and her family continue on a journey that no one should ever have to take.
By Lisa Cherry

Author of Unmask the Predators

 Image courtesy of Killick1