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One Armed Frontline Mama

Lisa Cherry —  July 31, 2012

Fork in the road 505071_a_journeyBy Lisa Cherry

Dear readers, when you read this I will probably be in some sort of an interesting brain fog. I wrote this in advance of having surgery to repair the rotator cuff of my right shoulder on July 30.

ARG! This is not how I planned to wrap up my summer! But after putting up with a full thickness tear for a few months, I am actually ready to be on the healing side of this problem.

Have you ever had an interruption to your mothering that seemed like a bigger challenge than you can reasonably handle? That is what I am facing as I look on the front side of surgery recovery, six weeks in a sling and six months of rehab.

Quite honestly, I have faced some fear over this one. Thinking about my right hand being incapacitated leaves me tempted to feel incredibly helpless and undone.

Time will tell exactly what this mama will look like, but at the very least, a new grace will need to be dispensed over my household. Meals and routines will be altered. Driving will be passed to the teens. And my computer work will need to go to dictation.

I am very grateful that this “interruption” is more of a nuisance than a life threat. But I am mindful that out of the potential trial, I may face many maturing moments. Please pray that I pass my tests!

Moms, just when we think we have our world tamed into a manageable formula, life has a way of throwing us some curves. I think my greatest opportunity this month may very well be my chronic life lesson: Who will Lisa trust?

I have been to this fork in the road before. Perhaps you are at that same fork with me today. My husband, Doug, preached a message on this very question just this week. Deuteronomy 33:27 is our answer.

                         Underneath us are the everlasting arms of our heavenly Father.

Those arms are ever faithful…ever strong…and ever capable. Lord, I lean not on my arms (which is quite smart in my case J), but I lean totally on YOU!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress here. And if you notice a few misspellings coming…..well, it might be my nine-year-old helping me out!

See an update on Lisa's recovery here.

Image courtesy of L. Emerson

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Ugly post 920635_imperfectionBy Lisa Cherry

Eight of our ten kids have hit adolescence so far. Over the years of parenting, I have faced this inevitable question.

Some ask it straight up…..Mom, do you think I am ugly?

Others have pieced through sections of their body to ask the same thing.  ….Mom, do you think my nose/hair/ forehead/ foot, etc. is ugly?

Are you like me looking for some strategies to counter their pain? Here are my best ones even as my budding teen hit me with that question just this week.

1.  Recognize that your credibility, as a mom or dad, is not very high in your child’s mind as you tell them….Of course, you are not ugly! Everyone knows that parents and especially mothers always think their own babies are beautiful.

2.  Understand your vital role as a parent to help them wrestle with this human question. Do not leave this job to the media or friends.

3.  Explain to them the difference in our feelings and the objective truth. Anorexics feel fat but the objective truth says they are way too thin.

4.  Tell them you remember struggling with this same issue. Helping them know they are normal to face this question can ease anxiety.

5.  Accept that the resolution of this body image question takes time. We all want to quickly snap our children out of pain instantly, but life rarely works that way.

6.  Teach your kids (before adolescence) that the issue of “beauty”—though a God designed concept—has in our culture been perverted. Do not, in an attempt to shield kids from perversion, make it seem God is against beauty.

7.  Look to the scriptures to learn what God’s definition of beauty truly is. Start with Psalm 139:14, 1 Samuel 16:7,1 Peter 3:3-4, Psalm 34:5, Proverbs 31:30, Ecclesiastes 3:11, and Romans 8:6

8.  Recognize that some of our child’s/teen’s struggle might be justified. All of us have human flaws that we must learn to accept as “us.”

9.  Discover whether some of their body loathing is actually a signal to make a change. “Hating” ourselves is a lousy motivator for taking care of our own health and adjusting our behaviors that affect physical looks.

10.  Pray earnestly for your child’s/teen’s spiritual development. Living a life of peace with Jesus will cause the beauty of the Lord to overtake their outer man struggles.

How have you helped your children through this rite of passage?  Have you found any scripture passages that were especially dear to you on the subject of beauty and body image?


Image courtesy of Bruno Sersocima

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Ear 397716_her_neckBy Lisa Cherry

I am writing this story at 2 am. My adrenalin level is so high right now I figure I may as well. I have just come through one of the craziest experiences of my life.

This week we have seen one of those annoying invasions of ants. I thought these ants were of the garden variety type that occasionally got wind of sweet crumbs in the kitchen. That is until we found them marching in droves over our floors and dressers. How ever did they all get attracted to our place?

Doug responded to the female squeamish cries around here with an extra generous application of those sticky globs of goo that are designed to poison the whole colony. But after a few days of watching them drink the lethal liquid, we were still under attack.

I admit my tone was not very nice when I reported to him my concern yesterday morning with discovering some of those ants had found their way to the top of my bed comforter. But I knew he was doing the best he could.

So before I went to bed, I was carefully inspecting my bed covers. With none found on my pillow, I lay my head down in reasonable confidence.

But at 1:45 am today, I was awakened from a deep sleep. Something was itching my right ear. I remember reaching up to give it a good itch when my continual itch brought me gradually out of slumber. In fact, no amount of ear scratching was doing me any good.

And that’s when it hit me. What if one of those tiny ants had crawled down my ear canal? Just the thought of it caused me to spring out of bed when suddenly I made a horrifying discovery. Something was now crinkling in my ear. It sounded like an elephant chewing. I was sure of it…something was alive in there!

My heart rate sped into overdrive as I imagined my entry to the ER trying to explain how I had an ant in my ear. Yeah, right lady, they would say with a wink.

So I hopped around a little more flinging my head around in hopes “he” would come out. The thought of paranoia even crossed my own mind when I decided to head to the bathroom sink to take a look. I am not sure what I thought that would do for me. But when I tipped my head toward the mirror…..the ant fell out on the sink! I kid you not! I WAS right! The itching and the noise stopped suddenly.

So here I am sitting straight up on my bed. What do I do now? Should I try to sleep again? Or wake up Doug and tell him to call the exterminator!

PS written the next morning…

Over 31 years of experience kept me from getting rough with Doug at 2 am. So I chose a third option. Ear plugs. And I am happy to report that by morning Doug’s gooey poison appeared to be working.

purse red 1111695_bag2By Lisa Cherry

What we do with our money reveals our values.  For instance, Moms, what do we think of the chicken people?

Chick-Fil-A took a strong stand against homosexuality and they are now suffering in the media as well as the market place.  Mike Huckabee’s asking that we show our support for them by eating at one of their restaurants on August 1, or by showing support on line.

Last spring our family took a stand against JC Penney when they started featuring homosexual couples in their advertising. We said no more. We quit shopping at one of our favorite stores and then called the store to tell them why.

This weekend I heard on American Family Radio that Lady Gaga and her Born That Way Campaign are partnered with Office Depot to produce a “kinder, gentler” school start for children. 

School children will be lured to get on board with this project through special, limited edition back-to-school products.    These are sticky notes and bracelets with innocuous-sounding “empowerment” messages.

Of course everything ties into Lady Gaga’s song, Born That Way.  Here's an excerpt:

                No matter gay, straight or bi

                 Lesbian, transgendered life

                I'm on the right track,

                baby I was born to survive

Office Depot  has guaranteed $1 million dollars to the campaign to promote the lies of the homosexual agenda.

Folks, we are in a serious war for truth here! Many predicted it 10 years ago. And now it is full blown. Homosexual sin is a HUGE issue in our generation. It is in our faces daily, pulling our kids hourly and grabbing our pocketbooks constantly.

We have talked about the issue before here. But moms, what are we DOING about it?

I am convicted today to ask the Lord for my personal instructions. At the very least, I will speak out my concerns. But I think we are being asked to do more. When I see the sacrifice of some of my brothers and sisters, I am looking for the right place to stand.

How about you? Are you sensing a deeper tug on your heart? Are we truly committed to living as salt and light even in the face of persecution? God, we need your courage to stand!

Ladies, will you join me in praying for Chick-Fil-A?  And will you pray about sending your messages to Office Depot??

Image courtesy of  Brano Hudak


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whistle 257897_whistleBy Lisa Cherry

The severe punishments levied by the NCAA against the blatant cover-up of the sexual abuse of children at the hands of Penn State football legend Jerry Sandusky is rocking the nation.

Most of what I have read has been quite supportive of the stiff sanctions and the strong stand taken by the national sports supervisory board. Surely not many are left wondering why the statue of Joe Paterno has now been removed.

I am glad this story is inviting the public scrutiny it deserves. However, let's not fail to take advantage of one of the looming questions in each of our own lives:

Are we each prepared to deal truthfully and effectively if WE were the ones to witness the abuse of children?

It is easy in the face of this national headline to cast stones. But have you ever considered what you would do if it happened to you? What if you saw or heard something you wish you did not see?

We must spend some concerted effort to get more prepared ourselves for this.  The statistics of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and pornography are staggering in our land.  There is a growing likelihood that we might find ourselves in the whistleblower role!

I am working on some help for us frontline moms on this very issue. Pray that I hit this issue correctly because it sure is easier in the abstract than in the concrete!

Image courtesy of Valerio lo Bello

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