Running Mama: Friday Family Fun

Lisa Cherry —  July 20, 2012

running shoes 948893_-run-_4By Lisa Cherry

I still chuckle when I think of the time when Nathan was little, and he told someone that I had lettered in college in tennis.

Me, Miss I-cannot-hit-any-kind-of-ball-anywhere, always the last one picked on every team. A collegiate athlete?

What ever gave him such an outlandish notion? All I did in college was take a beginner tennis class to fulfill the P.E. requirement.

I finally attributed his error to the problem of kid worldview. Since all the relatives on Daddy’s side of the family were born athletes, he just assumed everyone was able to compete.

Even to this day, I wonder what God was thinking when he paired Doug and me up.

In His mercy, he gave Doug's genes dominance in this area, as we have raised a household of runners and players.

And somehow it doesn't seem to alarm them that mom is a klutz.

But that doesn’t mean I give up all forms of physical activity. It just means mine are mom-style.

So recently when I was out on the road near our house and the serious runners drove in from their early morning three-mile training run with their team, I could not resist a little fun.

As competitors, they are always looking to drop their best time.

So I shouted to them.... Hey guys, great news! I dropped my mile time down by 5 minutes.

The gasp in the car was audible. O wow mom that's great, they said.

I got it down to 20 minutes! Was my retort. 20 minutes did not compute with their 5 to 7 minute mile paradigm.

But score one for mom for at least attempting to run on their turf. Pun intended.

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