A Few Words on the Unthinkable

Lisa Cherry —  July 21, 2012

Century_16_theater_in_Aurora_CO_-_Shooting_locationBy Lisa Cherry

How can we possibly process something as ugly and senseless as a midnight massacre in a movie theater?

I appreciated the words of some of those touched by the murders when they asked us to focus more on the lives of their loved ones than on the lives of the deceived man who committed the murders.

I cannot even fathom their pain.

We and they can be comforted to know we serve a God who hurts when His children hurt and calls Himself the God of all comfort.

Will you join me in prayer for those suffering in grief, anger, and shock?

Even as our children hear the media accounts, let's help them learn of the God who sorts through our human suffering with mercy and peace.

Image courtesy of Algr via Wikipedia