The Chicken People (Chick-Fil-A), Lady Gaga, and The “Born This Way” Campaign

Lisa Cherry —  July 26, 2012

purse red 1111695_bag2By Lisa Cherry

What we do with our money reveals our values.  For instance, Moms, what do we think of the chicken people?

Chick-Fil-A took a strong stand against homosexuality and they are now suffering in the media as well as the market place.  Mike Huckabee’s asking that we show our support for them by eating at one of their restaurants on August 1, or by showing support on line.

Last spring our family took a stand against JC Penney when they started featuring homosexual couples in their advertising. We said no more. We quit shopping at one of our favorite stores and then called the store to tell them why.

This weekend I heard on American Family Radio that Lady Gaga and her Born That Way Campaign are partnered with Office Depot to produce a “kinder, gentler” school start for children. 

School children will be lured to get on board with this project through special, limited edition back-to-school products.    These are sticky notes and bracelets with innocuous-sounding “empowerment” messages.

Of course everything ties into Lady Gaga’s song, Born That Way.  Here's an excerpt:

                No matter gay, straight or bi

                 Lesbian, transgendered life

                I'm on the right track,

                baby I was born to survive

Office Depot  has guaranteed $1 million dollars to the campaign to promote the lies of the homosexual agenda.

Folks, we are in a serious war for truth here! Many predicted it 10 years ago. And now it is full blown. Homosexual sin is a HUGE issue in our generation. It is in our faces daily, pulling our kids hourly and grabbing our pocketbooks constantly.

We have talked about the issue before here. But moms, what are we DOING about it?

I am convicted today to ask the Lord for my personal instructions. At the very least, I will speak out my concerns. But I think we are being asked to do more. When I see the sacrifice of some of my brothers and sisters, I am looking for the right place to stand.

How about you? Are you sensing a deeper tug on your heart? Are we truly committed to living as salt and light even in the face of persecution? God, we need your courage to stand!

Ladies, will you join me in praying for Chick-Fil-A?  And will you pray about sending your messages to Office Depot??

Image courtesy of  Brano Hudak


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  • P

    This was a huge topic of conversation last Sunday..... One of our pastors spoke with a manager at Office Depot and she commented, I am a Christian but we are to treat everyone with love and respect. .... don't you just love how satan uses the word BUT.... our society has become so accepting of whats happening and unfortunately we don't take the stand as we should. I will support Chickfila. And for businesses that blatantly support sin..... I will not.

    • P

      Oh....and we were in Chickfila Saturday...and they were packed!! Inside had 4 lines and the drive thru was all the way around the building! And it was almost 2pm. GO Chickfila!

    • Kate

       Better stop buying gas, and do A LOT of research on companies  who do NOT have ANY ANY ANY ANY ties to sin.  Good luck on that one! 

      • frontlinemama

        Kate you make a very good point. I have felt so overwhelmed recently that I'm tempted to just do nothing.However in the face of highly advertised campaigns I don't feel good about that option either. We are certainly living in very difficult times.