Everybody is Doing It!? Top Ten Reasons “Cussing” Is Not OK For My Family

Lisa Cherry —  August 6, 2012

Lucas anti cursingBy Lisa Cherry

A few weeks ago one of my sons jumped out of his chair during a family Bible study/discussion time and shouted, “Guys, you do not even know what has been happening! You cannot believe the language the players on my Christian basketball team are using when the adults are not around. Something is not right here! I don’t think these kids are really Christian at all! Shouldn’t someone go and tell their parents what is really going on?”

I was proud of my young teen for raising this huge question. Many of his older siblings have also been facing this as they travel in the world’s corridors.

Foul language in today’s world is considered normal…..not shocking. The “f-bomb” that used to be reserved for the bar room is now even quasi accepted in the board room.

So parents, what are we to do? Give in to the cultural trend? Re-define the issue to make it easier on our kids? Or hold to traditional views of “no cussing allowed?”

Take a look at Lucas’ shirt that he came out with the other day. I did not know he owned it when I planned this post. Notice the old folks on the shirt. Is this issue just a generational style? Or is it a serious issue that will define our future together?

What are you doing in your home? I have thought of ten reasons why cussing is not OK for my family.  Do we as frontline moms need to have this discussion with our kids?

  1. Cussing is really “cursing” by a changed name.   It sounds a little softer and more refined, doesn’t it? But dropping the r does not change the meaning.
  2. Cursing is not understood in today’s world. “Damning” someone is reserved for God alone. It is the form of judging we are commanded NOT to do. God condemns, not us. Just because someone drops some of the wording in “cussing” (as in G--- D--- you) does not change the meaning. (Odd that the same people who freely misquote Matthew 7:1 about judging not often have no trouble with the judging done when they curse.)
  3. Most forms of cursing imply sexual immorality. Ephesians 4:29-5:3 says we are to have no unwholesome words and not even a hint at sexual immorality.
  4. Our words overflow from our heart. Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. YUCK! What is in the heart of the “cusser?” That is scary! Matthew 12:34
  5. Cussing is not loving. It is not kind and it is rude. See I Corinthians 13:4-7
  6. Using God’s name in vain is prohibited by the third Commandment. To take His name in vain is to use it in a casual manner. It shows lack of respect for Him. God’s name is holy, and should never be used as a swear word or an exclamation (not even in OMG!) See Exodus 20:7.
  7. We will be held accountable for our words before the Lord. See Matthew 12:36-37
  8. Cussing is an immature reaction to anger and is therefore foolishness. Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom. We are to put it off, not take it on. See Colossians 3:8.
  9. Swearing is another word for cursing. It is also expressly forbidden by Jesus. Matthew 5:34
  10. I cannot even fathom Jesus “cussing,” can you? So why would his representatives? 2 Corinthians 5:20

Those are my top ten. What are yours?


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