80% of Young Evangelical Singles Having Sex? Is Abstinence Dead?

Lisa Cherry —  August 7, 2012

Purity-RingsBy Lisa Cherry

Is it possible to maintain your virginity before marriage in America today? Is it even desirable to the average Christian?

When the National Association of Evangelicals released a video reporting a statistic saying 80% of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex, and almost a third of evangelicals’ unplanned pregnancies end in abortion, even abstinence proponents must ask themselves these questions.

Urban Faith’s Chanel Graham reflected on this issue in her post Why Unmarried Christians Are Having Sex. I felt she had some good points.  Obviously, we are going to have to do more than tell our kids NO! and slap purity rings on their fingers. They need a positive vision for something higher.

In my day of youth, our big issue was gateway drugs. Not that we do not have drug and alcohol problems today! But it seemed back a generation that drugs were the entry point to a shifting lifestyle change.

Could it be that SEX is the issue of today’s generation? SEX is the gateway to a shifting lifestyle change. Today our MORALS are driving our Theology so that God is seen as OK with “loving relationships sharing intimacy.”

Frontline moms, you may wonder why we talk about sexual issues so much here. Let me tell you a few why’s: (I have made up names to protect identities!)

Molly:  Raised in church. Attended youth and Sunday School faithfully. Homeschooled. Sheltered from immorality. Left home without parental blessing at high school graduation after she became sexually active with her secret boyfriend.

Jennifer:  Raised by her Christian mother after her father left the scene. Attended youth and Sunday School faithfully. Went on mission trips. Acted like she wanted a life with God. Got caught messing around with neighborhood boys. Left home for a fresh start with relatives. Ended up moving in with her new boyfriend.

Abigail:  Wanted a husband that would honor God. Built her young womanhood by standing with a strong Christian crowd. Sang on the worship team and taught Sunday School. Got tired of waiting for God’s man, and moved in with a boy younger than her. Left church. Turned from God.

These are but three young lives I know personally who became the NAE statistic.

Moms, we must learn to do more. Sex is killing our kids!

Let’s continue to seek God’s wisdom here. I would love to hear from some moms out there.

How ARE WE going to get our kids to the wedding as virgins? I am not ready to say it is not possible! I have watched my own kids make it….but I am ready to say it is VERY DIFFICULT!

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  • JH

    No need to het upset. Sex is natural. Nothing odd about. Relax and enjoy your kods growing up to men and woman able to enjoy life!

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

       That's how we got in this mess!

      Sex is God's plan for a man and woman who are
      married to each other.

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