Worms in the Refrigerator?

Lisa Cherry —  August 8, 2012

Worm 488363_wormBy Lisa Cherry

I am pleased to report that I am looking better each day from my rotator cuff surgery. Thanks for all your prayers.

As with all of life’s trials, this one has posed its painful moments, its growing discoveries and its odd twists of humor.
There is nothing like listening to your family’s conversations while you're in a recliner in the other room.

Sometimes I wanted to shout out the directions but usually I thought it best for them to do it "their own way."

I was so proud of them! But when I heard the third discussion about worms in the refrigerator, I had to take action.
At first I wondered if it was the strong pain meds playing tricks on me.  But when I heard the girls refusing to eat anything from the refrigerator, I knew it must be something more.

That's when I remembered the boys have been fishing last week. I called one of the kids to come and investigate whether that bucket of worms was still in the back of the fridge.

It was…tipped on its side.

I chuckled as I pictured the cleanup crew. Maybe being stuck in my recliner wasn't so bad that day.

Image courtesy of Steven