Build Your Own Pizza Night and Family Fun Friday Link Up

Lisa Cherry —  August 9, 2012

PizzaBy Lisa Cherry

It’s finally here…the very first Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  It’s a new tradition here at Frontline Moms.

Because we spend so much of the week Unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

My daughter Tara at Mommy Head Adventures is helping us with this.

So link up your Family Fun blog post for all of us to see. Just make sure it’s family friendly, and fun.

What kind of fun?

Fun crafts

Fun kid recipes

Fun family outings

Fun mom games, or

Funny stories of your family

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And here’s my post for the Family Fun Friday:

Build Your Own Pizza Night

Sometimes one of the simplest ideas can be the biggest hit at my house.

Last year I ran my house with a monthly menu plan during the school year. Because of this, spontaneity was sometimes a little low.

So instead of saying “pizza” on the menu, I have one Sunday night a month it's called “Build Your Own Pizza Night.” It's amazing what a name change can do for morale.

I buy the prebaked 100% whole-grain crust from my local store, and then have all different kinds of pizza ingredients in little bowls for everyone to assemble their own.

What was really interesting is when I asked them to get partners for their pizza building. Certainly made for some interesting conversation!

See below for a list of possible ingredients, but use your own creativity and go wild.

Of course for the more adventurous at heart, go ahead and make those pizza crusts from scratch.

However I have also been known to use whole-grain tortillas as a quick solution.  I see that's what a lot of restaurants do when they want to make a pizza appetizer.

It's best not to be in a hurry with this build your own meal. Especially if you have as many participants as we do!

Here’s my list of toppings:

Pizza sauce

Precooked hamburger or turkey sausage



Chopped chicken (great way to use the leftovers)

Chopped onions

Green peppers

Black olives


Pineapple tidbits (drained)

Chopped broccoli

and of course varieties of shredded cheese including mozzarella, Italian blend, Parmesan or cheddar

 How have you injected some fun into your family’s meal time?

Image courtesy of Joe Burge

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  • Lynne

    Yummy!  I'm putting this on the menu for my family!

  • Mindy @ New Equus

    We just had a pizza night at our house this week. They are so much fun! :)