Food for Thought: On Chick-fil-A and Being Bullied in the Name of Tolerance

admin —  August 10, 2012

chick fil a 2  220px-ChikfilaMcDonaldsGalleriaNote from Lisa: This post is from a mom who wishes to remain anonymous. In this day, when employers or anyone else can Google your name, some writers are feeling the pressure from the workplace about what and what they cannot write publically.

By Anonymom

Throngs of Americans got a taste of First Amendment rights this week … and it tasted an awful lot like chicken.

Let the news media spin the Chick Fil-A “eat in” protest how they wish. Hateful, intolerant, discriminatory, ignorant—just some of the lovely words tossed around liberally (no pun intended).

But I have my own word to sum it up:


ENOUGH of condemning the CEO of a private company for expressing a personal opinion about the definition of marriage, one shared by the President of the United States until a few months ago.

ENOUGH of calling us homophobic, too, if we stand by God’s definition of marriage.

ENOUGH of calling us racist if we think hiring quotas are wrong if they favor—or discriminate—against people based on race…black, white, purple, green, whatever.

ENOUGH of calling us chauvinist if we think women should be given equal—not preferential—treatment.

ENOUGH of calling us haters if we want all people to have relatively easy LEGAL access to entering our nation and joining our melting pot of immigrants.

ENOUGH of calling us heartless if we think our government should start spending within its means like any responsible family or business must.

ENOUGH of calling us ignorant if we believe God’s Word speaks with the same authority today as it has throughout history.

That’s the cry I heard from the chicken brigade. Millions of Americans have had enough of feeling bullied by those who preach tolerance.

The question now is whether anyone listened.


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  • Lynne

    Yes!   God's word is true. 

    Thanks for this post.

    Isaiah 5:20 says Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for
    light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for

  • Wswalker310

    Great post!