Midlife Pregnancy Joy and Laughter & Family Fun Friday Link-Up

Lisa Cherry —  August 16, 2012

Josiah kindergarten tn

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And here’s my post for the Family Fun Friday:

Midlife Pregnancy Joy and Laughter

The two lines appeared in the window, and I was absolutely shocked. As a 45-year-old mother of nine, and I had pretty well figured my childbearing years were over. My shock gave way to a crazy mixture of elation and fear.

Figuring out how to add one more child to our joyous home was no problem. Figuring out how to walk gracefully through this midlife pregnancy would be another story.

My tenth pregnancy was definitely a laugh from the word go. I told you about a funny situation that happened at the supermarket near the end of this pregnancy. If you missed it, I invite you to read it here.

At first I assumed that I was having the unusual symptoms of that strange season I had entered call perimenopause. But then came the positive pregnancy test. I had been inwardly wishing for the blessing of another child, and now I was carry him. Instead of the change of life, I had a change in plans.

I remember one visit I had to the maternity care clinic. If you have ever been pregnant, you know the routine well. Step on the scale. Please leave your monthly urine sample on the ledge above the bathroom sink.” I was highly skilled at filling my cup after years of practice.

Because of HIPAA privacy regulations, this particular office had a policy that no names were to be marked on the specimen cup. Instead I was instructed to label it with only with my date of birth.

That morning had been very busy for the nurses, and the ledge was full of specimens. As I added mine to the collection, I burst into laughter. Do you know how ridiculous my early 60s birth date looked amongst that row of 80s and 90s cups?

I laughed even louder when I realized what the next girl or woman might think. Some grandma went potty at her annual physical and thought she was supposed to leave a pregnancy urine sample?

Shopping for maternity clothes was another source of mirth, and a few tears I must confess. Imagine my 45-year-old abdomen, eight months pregnant and great with a child that would eventually weigh in at 9½ pounds. Now imagine it protruding from one of those tight, short maternity belly shirts. Believe me, it was a sight you wouldn’t want to see. I decided to special order.

I can look back and chuckle now. But what a blessing both the pregnancy and birth of Josiah was. Against all odds, I had nine months of total health, an easy, safe delivery, and a 100% healthy baby boy who has become the darling of the whole household.

God's ways are prosperous and yes, He does have an amazing sense of humor.

This post was originally published December 10, 2010.

Update as of 8/16/12: At the top of this post is a picture of Josiah, that little bundle of joy, who this week entered kindergarten.   A new season for him and this not-too-old mama.

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  • Doug

    Hi Honey,

    Thanks for carrying my precious babies and letting God use your vessel to produce our children. No one could have done it like you!


  • http://freetolive10.wordpress.com freetolive10

    You know I opened this quickly when I read the title...whew! : ) "Instead of the change of life, I had a change in plans." Do you come up with these on your own? I love it!

  • http://www.newequus.wordpress.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

    It warms my heart to see your Hubber comment on your blog posts! My Hubby does the same ! I love your story. I'm laughing right along with you at your specimen sample label! Blessings to all of you. 

  • Lynne

    Thanks for this post.  I needed a laugh today! 

    Josiah is an adorable little guy. 

    So glad you listened to the Lord's command in Genesis 1:28 - Be fruitful and multiply...

  • http://www.simplyhelpinghim.com/ SimplyHelpingHim

    LOL! This sounds just like my aunt and uncle's story! They had a 17 yr old and were "bragging" to my dad and the other siblings that they were gonna be the first to have an empty house! LOL! They are now the last, 16 yrs later and 2 years (minimum) to go! We're neighbors at Pieces of Amy. Blessings!

  • Trina King

    Lisa, I loved this post!  I especially liked the story about the woman at Kroger.  Gave me a good laugh :)  

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  • Hazel Moon

    I noticed you have a blog hop, so I entered about my MIL's mid life pregnacy at the same time I had our first.
    Thank you for sharing your story at "Tell Me a True Story" about Josiah being child # 10.  This is an amazing story.