“Child Sterilization Without Parental Consent? What If This Had Been Me?”

admin —  August 29, 2012

Cherry vacation 2012 Kyla Kalyn smiling 178976_104090126399915_575654009_nBy Kalyn Cherry Waller

Note from Lisa: Kalyn was furious when she walked into my kitchen recently with baby Kyla in her arms. Her usual pleasant greeting was replaced with outrage over the story below. I asked her to share it with you.

At fifteen, I was tricked into a secret relationship with a 46-year-old man.  This story could have been mine.

Child sterilization?  Mixed in with all the useless verbage on my Facebook newsfeed, those words caught my attention.

I thought my eyes must be tricking me.  I clicked on the link posted by a pastor friend of mine only to be horrified by what I was reading.

The state of Oregon has made it legal for girls as young as fifteen to be permanently sterilized without parental consentAnd Obamacare requires that this be made available at no cost.

My immediate response was outrage.  How could this be happening in our country?

The article went on to quote from the "consent" form that a young person would sign, stating that they fully understood the permanent nature of sterilization, and did not wish to EVER become pregnant.

Do you see the significant problems with any kind of statement resembling this?

A fifteen year old is not capable of fully understanding the repercussions of important decisions.  Hence the reason they cannot vote for the next president.  Or drive a car by themselves.  Or open a bank account.  Or schedule dental work for themselves.  The list goes on and on.

tubal ligation 800px-Left_tubal_ligationYET, without her parents’ consent, a fifteen-year-old could be permanently sterilized.  How ridiculous!

Furthermore, how many fifteen year olds want to be pregnant?  It is a vulnerable, awkward time. A time when a girl is transitioning into a woman.

Most normal fifteen-year-olds are in the stage of "I don't want to have kids myself, it is too much work and I have plenty of kids to babysit."  It is a developmental stage!  All of us moms grew out of that childish mindset to be mothers ourselves.

This absurd law confuses young girls and enables predators and those interested in making a profit from sick means. How easy it would be for an older man to convince a girl to be sterilized to hide their "relationship."

The consent, of course, states that no one can have coerced or forced the girl to this decision.  How silly.

A fifteen-year-old girl does not wake up one morning and think, "I want to be sterilized today."  No, someone plants the idea in her mind—someone who does not have her best interest at heart.

When I was fifteen and enthralled with my 46-year-old abuser, I bought into whatever he said. Let me tell you, I was able not able to think clearly, nor was I able to reason like an adult.  My mom blogged about it here.

Thank God, my parents found out, and my life and future were spared.  I cannot bear to think about what could have happened to me if they had not intervened.

Moms, please be as outraged as me about this.  Let's band together and say "no" to what is being allowed in our society.  If you live in Oregon, do what you can to see that this law is repealed.  If you live in another state, watch your state government’s legislation carefully and don’t let this spread any further.

Let's cling to the truth of God's word to protect our children and families.

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Kalyn Cherry Waller together with her mom Lisa Cherry share their story of how to protect our children in their book Unmask the Predators.


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