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Rentless Pursuit Tour Begins

Lisa Cherry —  September 28, 2012

atf logoHello Frontline Moms!

Doug and I will be speaking at the Acquire the Fire event at the Mullins Center in Amherst, Massachusetts today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday, Sept. 28 and 29.)

This is our first week on this year's Relentless Pursuit tour. If you live in the area, I'd love to meet you!

Come our booth at the parents' area, and don't miss the parenting sessions on Saturday. Register for this event here.

Also I'm speaking at Voluntown Baptist Church in Voluntown, Connecticut on Sunday, September 30 at the 9 a.m., and at a special parents’ meeting following the service.

This is the first of 32 cities on the tour. Look for the other upcoming events and locations here.

rubber band 813421_rubberbandBy Lisa Cherry

In business and leadership circles I've heard an interesting statistic. If the job can be done 80% as well by someone else, it can be delegated. Moms, what do you think of that stat?

A job done only 80% as well as I can do it sometimes bug me!  However, I think this may be one of my more maturing edges.

I remember the days when Doug would dress the children. Even when I laid the clothes out, I'm not convinced he was able to hit 80%! As a young mom I made a horrible discovery.

If I didn't let him do it "his way," he would just quit doing it.

Today's motherhood advice.?  Learn to flexible.

Flex into a contentment at 80%. Or maybe even try 70%.

It is amazing how my children can rise up and conquer new challenges when I'm able to give them some room.

Last night Hannah gave me a perfect example. I was roasting three chickens for dinner. I knew that we should have had enough meat for dinner with some meat left that I could process toward a soup for the next day.

When we sat down to dinner table with all the children and grandchildren I noticed that our supply of meat seemed to be a bit lacking.  I thought about going back to the kitchen to check out the carcass myself.

But then I remembered Hannah voluntarily offered to prepare the birds. Which was more important? Hannah's initiative and confidence? Or the dinner crowd?

I'm glad I chose Hannah. She rose up with such grace to help me when I was weary and not feeling well.  I am so proud to give her the honor and reward of a job well done.

Mom, maybe we can learn something from the business world. 80%… Or 70?

Image courtesy of Gisela Royo

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Sexy Little Girls?

Lisa Cherry —  September 20, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

When my friend passed me an article about a new study on the sexiness of six- to nine-year-olds, my ears perked up.

Psychologists at Knox College showed sixty girls sets of  paper dolls, some dressed as “sexy” and others in “trendy but covered up” garb. Then they asked the girls questions.  Which one did they look like?  Which was popular?  Which one did they want to play with?

I’m the mom of a tall-for-her-age, ten-year-old daughter. I have been concerned about my little girl looking like a teeny bopper since she hit the little girl’s department. According to this study, I was right to be concerned.

Should we be surprised that our young girls think they are supposed to be sexy?

Perhaps you may not have time to read through this whole article, so let me give you what I considered the most interesting nugget:

…mothers who reported often using TV and movies as teaching moments about bad behaviors and unrealistic scenarios were much less likely to have daughters who said they looked like the sexy doll. The power of maternal instruction during media viewing may explain why every additional hour of TV- or movie-watching actually decreased the odds by 7 percent that a girl would choose the sexy doll as popular…

Moms, I can see hope here! How about you? Even the researchers see our importance to our little girls.

However, I was intrigued that 100% avoidance of media influence did not appear to be the complete answer. Supervised watching with careful decoding was the best in the researchers' estimation.

Could it be because of the extreme saturation of sex and sexual images in our culture? It would be almost impossible for "complete isolation" if our children are customers at Wal-Mart.

Perhaps some mother-daughter nights should be in our futures? I will not allow my girls to wallow in the pit of the media.

But neither will I allow them to be naive a bout the cultural forces and images trying to steal their innocence.

They need mom's voice! And mom's careful monitoring and instruction.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Lisa SlingBy Lisa Cherry

Until it happened to me, I did not know how common shoulder injuries are...especially for women.

I'm convinced my torn rotator cuff could have been prevented. That is a tough lesson to learn the hard way!

As a middle-age mama who is raising ten children, I'm speaking to all of those young moms middle-age moms and grandmas out there… Learn from my mistake! Learn from my mistake!

1. Recognize the immense amount of stress motherhood puts on shoulders and arms. Multiply this stress by the number of children you have.

2. Avoid the temptation to carry the baby car seat on the crook of your arm…obvious stress on your shoulder!

3. Learn to carry your young children on either hip…not just your favorite one.

4. Value taking care of your own body. The husband and the kids need you...... for the long haul.

5. Learn to be the Proverbs 31 woman whose arms are strong for her task….which leads to number six:

6. Intentionally exercise your arms, or you will be weak for your tasks.....and not know it. Make the time and the priority to build your muscles. You will be glad later!

7. Bad exercise or improper weightlifting can do more damage than good.

8. Listen to your body signals. Things that feel too heavy…are.  Tissues or muscles that are aching…need to be healed.

9. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to build and protect your health. And then do what He says.

10. Consider purchasing and using the book that was given to me by a friend just a few short months before my second injury that sent me to surgery...Core Performance Essentials.

Had I done number nine and followed through with number 10, how much grief I could have avoided!

hands cherryBy Lisa Cherry

Our morning devotional times are extremely important for our family's strength.

Calling all the kids and parents together in one room for some time with God is not an easy task, however! In fact, I would say it is one of the more difficult things we've done over the years.

While we are all supposedly there to focus on Jesus, sometimes He seems far from the focus.

Brother and sister squabbling, a missing Bible, slouching, and generally rude behavior can disrupt even the most pious assemblies. But we figure working those things out in the privacy of our home beats doing this in public at church.

Even after more than 15 years of family devotions, Josiah’s maneuver at a recent morning devotional time surely took the prize as the most bizarre.

Dad, in an effort to promote team unity, usually closes our meetings with the Lord's prayer. We all come together in the team formation with hands in the middle to symbolize our unity.

For the most part it works well. However sometimes we have one or more of our children in an extreme case of germ-phobia. And the thought of hands intermingling in the middle of the circle can get a little problematic.

At the ripe old age of five, Josiah had been observing this phenomenon for quite a while. Since he's the youngest kid, he's always looking for a way to gain just a little bit of control over his brothers and sisters.

So when dad attempted to close the meeting that day, everyone ran to position and put their hands out. Everyone that is, except Josiah.

With a little gleam in his eyes he held off to the side of the group.

Then with great pomp and circumstance he put his hands up above his head walked toward us and announced loudly to the group:

"Everybody watch out! Poison ivy coming down!"

Can you even imagine how quickly the hands withdrew from the circle? Which of course delighted the five-year-old terrorist!

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