10 Ways to Use “The New Normal” Gay Agenda to Teach Your Kids

Lisa Cherry —  September 4, 2012

MRI head 370098_mri_head_scanBy Lisa Cherry

A relentless propaganda campaign is flooding over us.  Its objective is to get us and our kids to accept and internalize this perverse and ungodly notion:

Same-sex relationships are normal.”

This message is not really new, but its proponents are becoming more strident, bold, and creative.  They want to change our minds and our behavior.

As Christian parents, we must respond.

How many of our kids are being affected by the gay agenda? I would say all of them. Are they all turning to homosexuality? Of course not.

But as I researched my latest book Unmask the Predators, some of the new statistics I found were shocking…

12% of our teenage girls experimenting with homosexual girlfriend relations? That seems absurd. Until you recognize the level of indoctrination over this generation.

I used to think this was a problem for non-supervising unchristian parents only. But after several of my dear friends have had struggles with their children, I know better.

We talked about the dangerous indoctrination of this fall’s new TV show The New Normal in a recent post.  I want it and all the other ones like it removed from TV. How about you?

But what if they are not removed?  They have become yet another tactic that deceives and confuses our kids.  I'm tired of that happening!

I’m tired of seeing our kids’ moral and spiritual development damaged!

What can we do as parents? How about if we take the very damaging thing itself and use it to do damage to the kingdom of darkness?

At our last local POTTS meeting, we decided to view the TV show trailer and decode it ourselves. It was an interesting process. But it left us wanting more.

We must learn how to influence our children.

Here is a list of 10 practical ways we saw to turn this darkness into the light.

1. As parents, watch the New Normal trailer with a pen and paper in hand.

2. Jot down every intentional or subliminal message you note as you watch the trailer. (For example, cute little girl, familiar actors, mentioning of love, baby imagery, etc.)  Then watch the trailer again and see what else you notice.

3. Make a list of all the ways the trailer manipulated your emotions. What ideas were you being sold through the realm of emotions? (I.e. the value of "helping others," the anger of the betrayal that caused the mother and daughter to look for a new life, the altruistic idea of a surrogate helping the same-sex couple have a baby.)

4. Why was the African-American woman thrown into the scene and what was her allegation? Consider how the producers have used this image to make the "gay objector" seem prejudiced and bigoted.

5. Note the reference to Barack Obama. Why was it used and how?

5. Evaluate the actors themselves. Several of them are very well-known. Justin Lee Bartha was the costar in the very popular movie series called National Treasure. Why do you think each of those actors was chosen? Why was the older conservative female actor portrayed as she was?

6. Understand the power of the tongue. The book of James talks about it being the rudder of our lives. What is the potential effect of the title of this show? New normal… New normal… New normal… Consider what will happen if kids talk about it over and over at school?

7. Settle the issue of normal. What is the definition of the word normal? Who is permitted to define what is normal and how?  Is normal the same as common?

8. Define the concept of healthy family and healthy sexuality in your own mind and heart. What was the definition of a healthy family presented? Is this God's definition?

9. Now go back and consider whether your children need to see this trailer and go through this list with you. Some may determine it's too polluted for kids to watch. But as one mom pointed out in our meeting, many of our kids are already seeing this junk. Be honest. Have your children already been exposed?

10.  Do you want to be the one to explain to them about the bizarre concept of surrogate parenting for homosexuals? If you determined not to watch the trailer with your children…which I can understand… How will you explain this topic to them? For one trip to Wal-Mart will generate some of the same questions!

Note...... I hope this post has challenged each of us to consider this important issue with our kids. Are you prepared right now to show your children what the Bible says about homosexuality?

Watch for our top 10 scripture post next and more posts to help parents with this issue.

Image courtesy of Max Brown

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