Double Digit Birthday Tradition & Family Fun Friday Link-Up

Lisa Cherry —  September 6, 2012

Doug Lydia Double digit birthdayBy Lisa Cherry

Double digit birthdays are a big deal at our house!

Ever since our first children were little, we have had quite a family tradition when a child turns ten. That is the year they go on their "ten-year camp out with dad."

It's hard for me to believe this year was Lydia’s turn.

So for months it's been the talk around here—about where dad and Lydia would go.

Some of her siblings remembered trips to Riverstream or a nearby lake. Some reported scary things like canoe rides..... So as a very talkative little ten-year-old Lydia, was full of ideas.

Unfortunately for four weeks in a row all of those ideas fell flat. Mom’s surgery, bad weather, a funeral, and then the tailwinds of a hurricane made camping look impossible to achieve.

Daddy wisely remembered the important proverb for parenting that says…

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

So he proposed a new kind of camping trip—One that involves a hotel and a fun museum with a theater.

Now Lydia is the envy of all the siblings who just made it to the canoe.

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Oh, what fun! It’s time for another Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  We’re making it a new tradition here at Frontline Moms.

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My daughter-in-law Tara at Mommy Head Adventures is helps us with this.

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