Be Willing to Flex & Family Fun Friday Link Up

Lisa Cherry —  September 20, 2012

rubber band 813421_rubberbandBy Lisa Cherry

In business and leadership circles I've heard an interesting statistic. If the job can be done 80% as well by someone else, it can be delegated. Moms, what do you think of that stat?

A job done only 80% as well as I can do it sometimes bug me!  However, I think this may be one of my more maturing edges.

I remember the days when Doug would dress the children. Even when I laid the clothes out, I'm not convinced he was able to hit 80%! As a young mom I made a horrible discovery.

If I didn't let him do it "his way," he would just quit doing it.

Today's motherhood advice.?  Learn to flexible.

Flex into a contentment at 80%. Or maybe even try 70%.

It is amazing how my children can rise up and conquer new challenges when I'm able to give them some room.

Last night Hannah gave me a perfect example. I was roasting three chickens for dinner. I knew that we should have had enough meat for dinner with some meat left that I could process toward a soup for the next day.

When we sat down to dinner table with all the children and grandchildren I noticed that our supply of meat seemed to be a bit lacking.  I thought about going back to the kitchen to check out the carcass myself.

But then I remembered Hannah voluntarily offered to prepare the birds. Which was more important? Hannah's initiative and confidence? Or the dinner crowd?

I'm glad I chose Hannah. She rose up with such grace to help me when I was weary and not feeling well.  I am so proud to give her the honor and reward of a job well done.

Mom, maybe we can learn something from the business world. 80%… Or 70?

Image courtesy of Gisela Royo

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Thanks for joining us for Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  It’s our new tradition here at Frontline Moms.

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My co-host is my daughter-in-law Tara at Mommy Head Adventures.

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