My Hubby and the Lobster

Lisa Cherry —  October 7, 2012

Doug with lobsterBy Lisa Cherry

After 31 years of marriage I can joyfully report....... the honeymoon in our marriage is not over!

Doug and I had a chance to take some extra time after our recent ministry trip to the Amherst, Massachusetts Acquire the Fire.

It was two days of husband-and-wife time that we greatly needed. We explored Connecticut, lounged at the pool, and gazed into each others’ eyes.

And…we looked for a few unusual thrills. Like finding the local's favorite seafood shop and attempting a lobster extraction ourselves.

I'm sure all you coastal ladies would be laughing at our following of the diagram.

Ladies, are you sowing any honeymoon fun and adventure into your marriage?

Are you taking time as a couple even in the midst of raising a family?

Are you laughing together, talking about something other than the kids, and cracking a few lobsters?

Just for the public record… My husband is my best friend…my greatest supporter...and my only lover. And he is worth and deserving of my focus and attention.

How about you? Did you need that reminder today?

(By the way....I personally dislike lobster. Always have. But I love lobster with Doug. Know what I mean?)

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  • Busymomof10

    Loved this post!  I really love your attitude!!!  You what I like the most?  That you don't even like lobster!  :)

    A couple months ago I did something I hate -- went to a big scary city and went to a MLB baseball game with my hubby!  honestly, I was Dreading the trip! (But, of course, I didn't let him know that!)  But you know what?  I ended up having a great time!  I learned a lot from that trip.  #1 Life is not all about ME and what I enjoy.  #2 Making my hubby happy and spending time with him doing something special with him is one of the greatest gifts I can give him!  #3 When you change your attitude, you can even have fun doing something that is not on your own personal bucket list!  :)

    Thanks for linking up to Marriage Monday !  :)

  • Lisa Cherry

    Hi Busymomof10
    Thanks so much for your encouraging comment, and for telling about your trip and what you learned.  I so much appreciate Marriage Monday and your blog. 

  • Lynne

    Oh this is so funny! Doug looks like he is really studying that diagram . Thanks for a great post and pic.

    • Lisa Cherry

       You're welcome.  Glad to hear from you today.