“You Don’t Trust Me”…Responding to Teens on Internet Use

Lisa Cherry —  October 15, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

I was thrilled when my friend Luke Gilkerson at Covenant Eyes contacted me recently for my comment about this tough issue in regards to our online supervision of our children.

How, in our busy world, can we as parents watch over our kids online?

And what if they are fighting us all the way?

Take it away Luke… You nailed it on this one.

 Internet Accountability for Teens: 5 Things to Do if They Push Back

We talk to a lot of parents who want to protect their children from pornography online. But what should you do when your teenagers push back when you suggest some Internet accountability?

We received an e-mail recently from a parent with two teenagers who object to putting Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability on their computers and iPhones. They claim they have nothing to hide about what they are doing online, and they think the whole thing is “weird, invasive, and implies we don’t trust them.” Should Mom and Dad just put their foot down and insist on it? More importantly, how should they teach their kids from the Bible about the value of accountability in the home?

After surveying a number of Christian counselors, pastors, parents, and teens, I compiled a number of wise principles and action steps for parents to take.  (Read the rest at CovenantEyes.com)


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  • http://www.simplyhelpinghim.com/ SimplyHelpingHim

    Thank you so much for this great article! I have kids not yet in their teens, but I am glad that I have a bit of a heads up for some great conversations for the future! Blessings! We're neighbors at Our Simple Country Life 😉 simpyhelpinghim.com

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

       Thanks for stopping by, and for your encouraging comment.  Blessings to you too. 

  • Deeprootsathome

    This is such an important topic today. We have had covenant Eyes for almost 10 years now...and our family has been doing great with it...we all feel that we don't even want 'a hint of evil'! Thank you for sharing it on 'EOA' Wedneday. I hope you will continue to share these hot topics here! 

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