10 Ways to Turn a Frontline Moms Post into a POTTS Meeting

Lisa Cherry —  October 23, 2012

potts Logo 1By Lisa Cherry

Frontline moms, are you part of a POTTS group?  Since we launched POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens) over 900 family and church groups have started.

If you don’t have a POTTS in your community, perhaps you will start one.

It’s not hard to start a POTTS group! Grab a friend. Meet a few times....or meet every week. And watch God grow your parenting skills. Read more about how to start a group here.

Or maybe you already attend a POTTS group, or lead one.

I encourage you to use the posts on Frontline Moms in your POTTS meetings. You will never run out of new material for your group discussion!

Below you will find links to some of our popular posts.

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And here are ten ways to turn a Frontlinemoms post into a POTTS meeting:

1. Print copies of the post you select for each of the group members.

2. Consider using some of the posts written in a series all in one group meeting.

3. Read the post together as a group.

4. Look up each scripture reference as it is mentioned in the posts.

5. Pause at the end of sections or paragraphs to allow group discussion.

6. Most posts will open up for discussion when you ask your group these three questions:

1) How does this article speak to you in your parenting?
2) What changes or adjustments do you feel the Lord leading you toward?
3) What are your greatest takeaway thoughts from this article?

7. Perhaps your group would want to write a comment on the post. Perhaps you will find ways to improve upon the article and want to share your thoughts with other families. If so, enter that comment online at Frontlinemoms.com.

8.  Encourage your members to take ideas from the post home to use in family devotions.

9.  Keep the extra copies of posts you have already discussed to give to new members.

10.   Another resource we offer is Daily Bites, a daily parenting tip by email that you can read in less than a minute.  Your members can get a free subscription by entering their email address here.  Sometimes the Daily Bites impact our lives so much they could also become a focus of discussion in our POTTS meetings. Ask your group members to share with each other how the Lord has spoken to them in their daily tips.

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  • Lynne

    Hi Lisa,
    We have had some great discussions at POTTS!  I really look forward to our meetings.  It's great to connect with other parents.  Thanks for a great post.

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

       Hi Lynne,
      I am so glad you are enjoying POTTS.  And thanks for your comment!