Using Sex to Buy Votes?

Lisa Cherry —  October 31, 2012

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Extravagant gay weddings?
Virginity and voting?


By Lisa Cherry

I really thought this pro-life site must've exaggerated when their article claimed political ads were comparing first time voting to first time sex.

But when I watched the video clip for myself, I was horrified.

Is this the image of our college age young women that we are portraying as "typical?"

Are her comments about extravagant gay weddings what our president stands for?

Even more alarming......what if this ad was pitched because someone in the marketing world researched the electorate and found IT WOULD WORK because our kids have already been indoctrinated!

God help us please!

Frontline moms, as we head into this incredibly critical election, I am challenged with a new prayer....

 God, many of our young people are walking into the polls for the first time. Will you cause them to hear your voice and vote according to Godly Values and principles?

 Challenge them Lord to come out of their own selfish desires and learn to hear what is most important on Your heart. Let them rise to be the Godly leaders of tomorrow. Amen.

Are you using the opportunity of this election to expose darkness and lead your children toward the light?

Image courtesy of  Emilien Auneau

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  • Lynne

    I saw this video and at first thought it must be a joke.  It's not.  It is on Obama's site here

    Thanks for this post.

  • Scott

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good,
    and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for

    This administration continues to
    build upon their record or embracing evil after evil.  Just today I
    read that VP Joe Biden has come out with support for transgenderism. 
    Remember he came out with support for same-sex sham “marriages” before
    President Obama finally announced his support also.  Most people
    don’t know as the mainstream media, but despite a year of promises that
    Obamacare would not include Federal funding of abortion along with a supposed
    “executive order” as well, after the Supreme Court had already heard Obamacare,
    his radically pro-abort Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius
    wrote a regulation that required insurance providers to provide riders for
    elective abortion for $1.00, with no “opt out” capability.  When we remember that his 2nd
    Supreme Court nomination mandated coverage for sex change operations when she
    was the president of Harvard Law School, I fully expect Obama/Sibelius to add a
    requirement that insurance companies also cover sex change operations. 
    This perverse surgery is actually the ultimate rebellion against our
    loving Father, as essentially the person is saying – you made me wrong. 
    And we’ll be expected now to fund it. 

    Today I also read for two sources
    that Eric Holder, the Obama’s
    Attorney General has now refused to prosecute an abortion mills indicted for
    committing 380,000 in Medicaid fraud.  This is despite Obama
    boasting about prosecuting Medicaid fraud so aggressively.  We find
    out why today – Holder’s wife is a co-owner of the place!.  This
    not the only occurrence, Planned Parenthood of Central Illinois was being
    investigated for millions in fraudulent Medicaid billing, and Holder again did
    not investigate.   While Planned Parenthood in state after state
    has been found to not only refuse to report statutory rape, but to actually
    coach teenage girls in how to get around the requirements, once again, Attorney
    General Holder does nothing.  He has however found the time to
    investigate pro-life activists at taxpayer expense who time and time are found
    to have done – nothing.