Sex is Just Sex, if We’re Just Apes

Lisa Cherry —  November 9, 2012

Gorilla straight on 644152_big_apeBy Lisa Cherry

Another tragic story hit our phone lines recently. Christian family...model daughter… Christian school... straight-A student… loves God... but was found leading a double life.

With her virginity gone to her Christian boyfriend, her parents are devastated. And we're all left wondering… How did this happen?

She had read the purity books. She had made the commitments. But still her life decisions didn't hold.

Christian parents, we are going to have to be willing to look deeper for answers. Fear will not help us. And denial will not be our friend. But we must be willing to unmask…


The problem is obvious, but today let's head down a new angle.

 The culture war on evolution in the public arena was lost in our parents' generation.  Our kids are living in the aftermath.

Let’s look at the reasoning that results from a culture that believes evolution is fact:

Species evolving from apes do not have morals.  They act on instinct to fulfill their natural desires.

 And after all, God made nature. He put these instincts into apes, and into us. 

 Everyone has basic needs and drives that must be fulfilled.    It’s natural and normal. 

 When I’m in love, it would be wrong not to act on my desires. My parents just don't understand when they say no.

Do you see what I did there? I put God on top of an evolutionary thinking foundation. I did not leave Him totally out… I just threw Him in on top!

Parents, many of our kids have their sexual morals, sexual identities, and their God foundations all confused! Just like many of them have their science foundations all confused.

Are you active in combating the lies of evolutionary thought in your home on a regular basis?  It is not a subject to be left just to the biology classes! I suggest that you consider your family's discipleship in creation science to be paramount to your purity discussions.

Here are three of the hottest resources to help you get started:


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