Why This Doesn’t Feel Like ‘Another Election’…

admin —  December 4, 2012

Flag and steeple 3691313515_ecf602a2b2_mMy sister Beth eloquently expressed what is in on so many hearts. Serious. Profound. True. 

Let's ponder this one in our families.Thanks, Beth.

–Lisa Cherry





By Beth Groh

Maybe it’s just in my circle…

Or perhaps yours, too?

But I’m sensing a deep despair in the hearts of many following last month’s election (even from those whose “side” won).

Why? It was just another election, right? Better luck in four years, right?


The ballot box battle wasn’t for the White House, Congress, or even the direction of our nation, in a traditional sense.

It was a battle of worldviews.

On one side, a man-centered worldview:

Who provides man’s safety net? Defines life and marriage? Dictates religious conscience? Allocates resources based on arbitrary definitions of fairness? One answer: Big Government.

On the other side, a God-centered worldview:

Who is “The” Provider? Who instituted marriage and knit each of us in the womb? Who calls His people to answer to His laws? Who stirs the hearts of those who should care for the weak and less fortunate? One answer: Our King.

So who won in November?

The man-centered worldview won.

Mankind lost… at least in this battle and in this season.

But our King is still on the Throne, no matter who is in the Oval Office or halls of Congress.

His will was done, even if it puzzles and saddens those who see a secular tide washing across our land.

So don’t expect everyone to “get over” the election soon. Our ache is deep. Our sadness profound.

Instead, let us prayerfully seek how to “get on with it” in furthering His Kingdom … even amidst the darkening wave of man-centered thinking that seeks to relegate God to shrinking pews on Sunday mornings.

If, as a nation, we ask Him to leave the public square, He may oblige. That chills the heart and souls of those who know, from history, what happens to societies that trust in secular systems or leaders. While Scripture assures us He will never forsake His people, He may—as a loving Father—allow us to feel the consequences of our willful desire to abandon His principles that were the very foundation of our nation.

That’s why this election will have consequences… and why the battle of worldviews will continue to rage and divide.

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