Israel: What Should Our Families Know?

Lisa Cherry —  December 5, 2012

1282764_jerusalem_the_wallBy Lisa Cherry
I know I need to understand the conflict in the Middle East. But I must make a terrible confession......I often get so confused as to the players in the conflicts and their history!

Surely I am not alone! However, even as we see Biblical prophecies fulfilled in our day, our ignorance can lull us into complacency and apathy.

Certainly the dramatic events in Israel headlining the news the last few weeks got my attention.  So when someone gave me this link to a Biblical teacher clearly explaining what I need to know to understand the news, I was thrilled.

Do you have a half hour to take a little tutorial tour of the Middle East? Maybe it is not today, but you could store this link and make a plan this week for your whole family to get up to speed.

When our children see God's activity among the powers of the nations, their faith will be built. He is all powerful and and active...righteous and eternal. He is working His plans in our world...and our families are operating at center stage on His current kingdom script.

Image courtesy of Paul Segal