How to Adjust for Holiday Stress Reduction

Lisa Cherry —  December 10, 2012

christmas baking 3 cherry 2012By Lisa Cherry

Perhaps you're like me.

When November rolls around, you make a mental list of all of your holiday preparations. Trees, cards, baking, shopping, trips to light displays, parties, etc., etc.

In some sort of crazy way, it all sounds doable in November.

Christmas baking cherry 2012Then you hit about two weeks before the big day, and reality is staring you in the face.  Too many things are left on the to-do list!

Now what you do? Press them all through to completion and make your children live with a cranky mom? Consider this a "failed holiday?"

Well how about this option:

Pick one thing. Do it well. Then cross several other things off the list.

Christmas baking  2 cherry 2012That is the strategy I've used for several years now and it has certainly improved my holiday success.

Last night was my "one thing:" A big family get together with messy cookie cutters and lots of sticky icing.

What made the plan extra special was its location. Since a health issue has kept my mother homebound for a season, we all gathered to bake at my folks’ house.

We did it! We did it!

Now I am free to remember that since I was the one who put all the things on the list, I now can take things off.

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  • Hazel Moon

    Great ideas to begin in November.  Your children are happy to help too!  Lovely photos.  Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story!"